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LG Chem announces next generation batteries, will we see one in G Flex?

LG’s second teaser for the G Flex smartphone is here and it comes through its Chem sister company that specializes in chemicals. The company recently announced that it has created the next generation battery with broad claims of having developed designs that have ‘never existed.’

LG Chem has categorized its upcoming offerings into different categories, namely stepped, curved and cable, out of which, the first and second types are already in mass production. The first one is what is available in the G2 flagship, while the last one will hit the production line in the upcoming years. Our main interests here are the curved batteries which look like potential candidates for the G Flex.

The company notes that the curved batteries are aimed towards flexible designs in future smartphones, watches and glasses. Also, you can expect to find this hardware in LG’s upcoming portfolio. Just a couple of days back, the company also announced that it has started mass production of its flexible OLED displays.

G Flex

If things go as planned, we could see these components materialize into the G Flex smartphone which is rumored to have a curved form factor. November is the said month of launch, but nothing is concrete so far. Nevertheless, we’ve got specifications which have managed to leak out. Like most high end phones, this one will also be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor.

The CPU will be clocked at 2.3GHz and sport Adreno 330 graphics. While the G Flex is expected to carry a 6-inch touchscreen, the downside here is that the display will proffer 720p HD resolution only. The device currently runs on Android 4.2, but it could get bumped to the latest version of Jelly Bean before release.