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LG announces Hi-Fi music service for its top-end smartphones

Later this month, South Korean giant LG will be introducing its new Hi-Fi music service which is aimed at providing owners of the company’s top-end smartphones with songs featuring high quality audio. It’s not a streaming utility in any way; so comparisons with Apple Music, Google Play Music or Spotify are out of the question.

LG has positioned its new offering as a full-fledged download platform that will cater to audiophiles looking for high quality and near-original sound from their music. This means the playback of these tracks will be about six times richer and clearer than the sound quality of a typical CD.

While a normal CD will give you an output of 16bit/44.1kHz, the LG Hi-Fi music service will play songs at 24bit/192kHz. Keep in mind that these tracks will have pretty high download sizes compared to normal songs. The company has announced that it will be providing users with two free downloads every month.


At launch, all the songs will be offered at a 50 percent discount moreover. Like we said, only those who use LG’ top-end smartphones will be able to take advantage of this service. These include the G4, the G3, the G2 and the G Flex 2, among others.

This offering will be made available in nearly 70 countries next month. And while the exact list of nations is still under wraps, the company has said that the US, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Russia and the UK will indeed be getting it.

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The LG Hi-Fi music tracks will be accessible through the company’s SmartWorld app that comes pre-installed on its devices, and also via