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LG 15.6-inch Wide LCD Monitor introduced in India

LG 15.6-inch Monitor LG India has launch a15.6-inch wide LCD monitor in the country. The latest monitor is especially designed for Home segments, Small Offices, Small & Medium Enterprises and ITES segments.

High picture quality with the Digital Fine Contrast (DFC) ratio of 5000:1 and f-engine are the salient features of the new monitor.

The f-engine is the picture correction technology chip that enhances the image quality, while, the combination of F-engine DFC 5000:1 ensures exceptional classification of dark colors. Further, it is ideal for moving images with various brightness levels.

R Manikandan, Business Group Head, IT Division, LGEIL said, “A higher contrast ratio implies vivid image, brighter picture and sharper text. LG’s LCD monitors boast of high contrast ratio as compared to many commonly available LCD Monitors in the market. The 5000:1 DFC and f-engine ensure such a striking picture clarity that the customer does not have to compromise on the picture quality even in the entry-level product.”

LG’s 15.6-ich wide LCD monitor will be available in the Indian market at a price of Rs. 7,800.