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LFG Meaning [Definition, Origin & How To Use It]

LFG Meaning - PC Gamer If you’ve reached here after Googling ‘LFG meaning’, you’ve come to the right place. This term seems to be everywhere online and it has more than one meaning, which makes things all the more confusing.

We’re going to explain all its definitions, while also looking at the origins of the term. By the end of this piece, you’ll know exactly how you can use it in your online conversations or in gaming-related chat forums.

LFG Meaning: Looking for group, and other uses

LFG is primarily used to abbreviate “Looking for group.” It’s something gamers say online when they are looking to join groups within their online multiplayer games.

They also suffix the term with things like “LFG level 50+” to indicate that they wish to team up with others who have at least reached level 50. However, this term has since spread to people who looking for non-gaming groups as well.

That being said, there’s another meaning of LFG that you should be aware of. It could also stand for “let’s f*cking go” or “let’s freaking go.” It’s very prevalent in online conversations where one wants to motivate others or express excitement.

History of LFG

Gaming Headset Urban Dictionary, the Internet slang repository, tells us that the earliest definition of LFG dates back to the year 2002. “Looking for group” was commonly used back then by those playing EverQuest, one of the first successful MMOs.

And since EverQuest first arrived in 1999, it can be said that the term was in use since way before 2002. The entry that claims the LFG meaning to be “Let’s freaking go” dates back to 2010.

It was apparently an acronym that originated among youngsters who would talk about attending parties. Over the years, the term has permeated other online communities and text messaging. But it’s still mostly being used by youngsters.

It was famously adopted as the unofficial slogan of the US women’s national soccer team that went on to win the FIFA World Cup in 2019. LFG means “Let’s freaking go” among cryptocurrency investors too.

Another use of LFG is again in the gaming context but this one is fairly uncommon.

“Looking for girlfriend” is used by some in the MMO community as a humorous way to say they are on the lookout for a partner. Many MMOs have marriage and relationship systems. So this is where this term took root.

Uses in gaming

Tabletop RPG These days, gamers wanting to form groups with others online usually head to Discord, which is where the term is pretty commonly used.

Multiplayer online games like Apex Legends and Fortnite are better when they’re played together. This is why individual players head to Discord.

Barring video games, the use of “Looking for group” has also extended to tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, there’s an entire subreddit on Reddit that’s dedicated to letting users post their requirements to find such groups.

Users on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook also make use of LFG when they are looking for groups. This may happen when one perhaps wants to attend a concert with a group or create a book club, for example

How to use LFG

As you now know, there are two meanings to the term. The first one – “Looking for group” – can be used to let people know that you’re on the lookout for teaming up with someone.

Here are some examples of how you can use the acronym in your online posts:

  • “LFG: Apex Legends.”
  • “LFG: Book club for sci-fi lovers.”
  • “LFG: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”
  • “LFG: Dungeons and Dragons campaign.”

The other meaning of it is, of course, “Let’s freaking go” and is used to signal motivation, excitement and sometimes, urgency.

Do remember though, that it’s a slang term and thus unfit for professional conversations. It can be used in a sentence in the following ways:

  • “I’m sure you’ll win this round. LFG!”
  • “I’m all pumped for today’s game. LFG!”
  • “LFG guys! It’s time to move.”
  • “LFG! We’re falling behind.”

Wrapping up

The world of Internet abbreviations and slang is a huge and confusing one. Anyone new to a certain corner of the web might feel very intimidated by the kind of conversations going on there because of terms like LFG being thrown around.

But it’s something we’ll have to deal with and keep dealing with in the future as well. And it only just takes some Googling and a few minutes of reading to get up to speed on the meanings of these terms.

Once you’ve learnt them, you’ll be able to participate in those online conversations without breaking a sweat. Here are some other examples of similar terms: DTB, WSG, and DW.