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Lexmark’s Robust Range of Printers to be Promoted by Cyberstar in India

Lexmark and Cyberstar logo Cyberstar Infocom, a distributor of IT peripherals, networking and components, has announced a new initiative to promote Lexmark’s latest line-up of tough laser printers, in India. The latest range has been developed exclusively for installation in defense, energy exploration, and other extreme condition field applications. Z645, X1270, X4270, E120n, X342n, T642n, T644, C500n and X502 are the products included.

Raj Rathi, the founder and CEO of Cyberstar Infocom said, “Printer weight, size, reliability and speed are important in field applications.” Adding, “Lexmark’s latest line of rugged printers will find good response from those operating IT enabled field applications in extreme conditions.”

Lexmark’s array of laser printers features the first-ever dual power supply adapters, enabling them to operate in both 110- or 220-volt environments. Given that bulk of the field users will likely migrate from slow, noisy dot matrix printers, Lexmark laser printers offer noise free printing, include a highly comparable cost per page and make it possible for users to also print mainframe data directly on a laser printer at excellent speeds and reliable printing quality.

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