Letus35 Extreme Lens Adapter launched by LetusDirect

Letus35 Extreme Lens Adapter

LetusDirect has expanded their Letus 35mm line, with the launch of the 35mm video adapter which features innovative prism technology. It is known as the Letus35 Extreme.

The Letus35 Extreme adapter allows users to attach a standard 35mm SLR lens to their video cameras.

A unique feature of the Letus35 Extreme lens adapter is that it can “flip” the image upright so that the camera can record as it normally would.

The Letus35 Extreme lens adapter also features the new prism technology which incorporates proprietary Image Orientation Correction technology (IOC).

Components of the Letus35 Extreme lens adapter include the highest optical grade custom-made achromatic lens and an improved ground glass element. These components work together to provide accurate color reproduction and crisp edge-to-edge sharpness with only a ½ stop of light loss.

The Letus35 Extreme lens adapter is housed in solid aluminum with an anodized black finish. Moreover, a built-in on/off LED switch with indicator operated the virtually silent adapter ground glass vibration mechanism.

The Letus35 Extreme adapter is powered just by two AA batteries that are fully enclosed in the adapter under a magnetic cover.

The best part is that several thread sizes are available including 72mm threads for Canon cameras such as the XH-A1, and 82mm threads for Panasonic cameras such as the HVX200. A 77mm thread size is forthcoming for the new Sony XDCAM EX.

Moreover, the Letus35 Extreme adapter can be configured with several 35mm SLR lens mounts. Current mounts include the Canon FD, Nikon AI, Canon EF (EOS) and Pentax K-Mount.