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This leaked video shall assure you that Windows 9 will have a Start Menu

One can sense that the unveiling of Windows 9 is right around the corner now, and leaks keep on giving us a good look at its features from time to time. Addressing the greatest grievance of fans from the previous version of the operating system, Microsoft is very likely to revive the Start Menu in its traditional form with its newest software release.

We have had previous rumors and leaks point towards this likelihood as well, but we now have a video which goes on to display the capabilities of this Start Menu recorded from an alleged computers running Windows 9. To see it in action, scroll to the space below where we’ve embedded it.

Windows 9 Leaked Screenshot 1

This YouTube clip was brought to our notice by Microsoft News which has even unearthed some screenshots that have come via a site named These shots have apparently been taken from a Technical Preview of Windows 9, and they look pretty legitimate if you ask us.

From what we have gathered from the video as well as the screenshots, the newest operating system from Microsoft will come equipped with a revamped Star Menu. Apart from providing the traditional features of this revered button, it will also integrate the tile-based interface which has been seen on Winnows 8.

Windows 9 Leaked Screenshot 2

You’ll be able to completely customize this space according to your liking by pinning and unpinning apps. Windows 9 will even let you switch between multiple desktop environments. And while windowed modern apps will be made possible as well, there will even be a notifications center which we’re guessing is part of an integration process between desktop and mobile ecosystems.