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Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z Review

Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z AIO Desktop

When we first heard about the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z AIO desktop, our mind raced back to thinking how the company does keep most of its closet organized with varying categories neatly sectioned into separate compartments, be it stylish laptops or sophisticated AIOs. Augmenting its business oriented base, last year witnessed the all-in-one devices become a part of its Think range. These AIOs aren’t what you’d expect from the company’s Ideacentre series as they sport a plain Jane corporate look. The A58 and A70z walked into markets in India with all the sophistication and performance level Lenovo is known for. Among these devices, we’ve received the latter for an all-inclusive review. Read on to know its highs and lows.

The company’s claim that the device setup requires less than three minutes is possibly true but we decided not to rush through as the packaging was unwrapped to reveal the 19-inch display carrying the complete system on its back. Besides, the box has enough room for the USB mouse and keyboard. A single power cable runs out of the back of the machine.

Starting off with the ThinkCentre A70z, we couldn’t help but notice the all-black device dipped in matte finish. The 19-inch display has a broad strip of bezel surrounding it while the tapering edges didn’t let us place it on the desk unless the steel kickstand was used which has been affixed on its back. The Vesa mount gives users the alternative to fix it on a wall otherwise you can simply place it on a stand while it occupies 14”(H) x 19”(W) x 3”(D) space.

Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z

Just below the screen a large strip of speakers lay fixated while the main power button and the activity indicator are located on the lower right side. The upper bezel equips the webcam and microphone. Three 2.0 USB ports, headphone jack and mic jack run along the right side, with the left side embedding the CD/DVD optical drive. Besides, the right edge is integrated with buttons to adjust the screen’s brightness and image optimization ability.

Lenovo leaves room for heat vents on the upper edge and the lower tapered part equips the speakers. Four 2.0 USB ports, Ethernet, serial port and the main power port alongside the kickstand are on the backside of the machine. Our review unit bundled wired keyboard and mouse but you can opt for a wireless combo by shelling out a higher sum. The full size connected keyboard can be oriented for comfortable typing while the keys are evidently spaced and large. However, these keys are bouncy and overall the keyboard didn’t offer a smooth typing experience all the time. The Enter keys on the keyboard have been distinctly painted in grey and the company also adds its colored touch to the mouse in the form of a red scroll button and white Lenovo letterings imprinted on the top surface. We feel the wired keyboard and mouse combo could have been better.

The 19-inch display features 1440 x 900 resolution and the kickstand enabled us to adjust the viewing angle albeit with its own limitations. The brightness and contrast settings can be conveniently tweaked to match up with what you desire on the non-reflective screen. The viewing was quite comfortable as we latched onto some of our favorite content.

Lenovo A70z

The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z has built-in components set inside the monitor, giving it a thickness of about 62mm. Apart from this, the hardware sheet of this device has been spruced with Intel Pentium Dual-Core E7500 CPU clocked at 2.93GHz, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM and 320GB 7200rpm Serial ATA drive. Evidently, the hardware specs are powerful enough, keeping in mind the business functionality of the device. Moreover, the USB ports can be protected from unauthorized access. It runs on Windows 7, adding to the easy-to-use functionality.

As we started loading web pages and downloading content, the PC completely proved itself to handle multitasking smoothly. The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z is quite quick and keeping in mind its corporate usage, the performance level seems just fine. As we tried working on several tasks concurrently, the device could keep up to it. The audio quality works in tandem with the screen attributes to deliver a smooth experience altogether. It is good enough to fill a small room with booming music as you can groove to those peppy tunes.

Again keeping in mind its corporate usage, the device does not carry the best graphics. It equips Intel G41 that can effectively run office applications but they may not match up to gamers’ needs. However, it won’t disappoint you while working on other office applications. The neatly carved out handle makes it easy to carry the device around.

ThinkCentre A70z


The A70z poses a simple and subtle look, making it apt for office use.

This Lenovo machine handles multi-tasking effectively.

If you are ready to let go its simple look, the device serves as good replacement for your home PC.


Although the A70z is aimed at corporate usage, the 19.5-inch display could have adopted HD quality.

The keyboard doesn’t deliver a smooth typing experience.

Our Shout


The Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z AIO desktop is a business device which manages to serve as an entertainment product to some extent. It won’t essentially provide you with the best in entertainment but it suffices well enough. The Lenovo machine is primarily targeted at office usage and delivers a sophisticated look along with decent performance level. If you are looking for an alternative to your home PC and face a serious space constraint then the A70z could effortlessly replace it. However, do not expect much on the gaming front. The A70z comes at a starting price of 25,600 while you can also upgrade it to shell out as much as Rs. 36,700. On our rating meter, it gets an 8.4 on 10.

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