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Lenovo S10-3s Wind Netbook Review: Performance dipped in bright shades

Lenovo S10-3S netbook

With life moving like a streak, manufacturers are putting their models of creativity into gizmos only to make it simpler. But, amidst all, there’s still a tiny slot of generators that believe in vivifying their consumers’ snowed life with dabs of color, style and extreme mobility. The example was revitalized when IdeaPad S10-3s Wind, all moistened with peppy hues from Lenovo’s colorful world, hopped onto our desks for an all-inclusive thesis. Touched by some fairy tale, the eye-pleasing unit pulled strings undeviatingly in nailing down good marks on its visual examination. So pore over as we unravel this time-gripping journey through an in-depth review.

The attractive Lenovo S10-3s Wind walked in all wrapped in a thick designed quadrilateral box, all ready to be popped out to flaunt its distinct fabrication with promissory notes for great performance. To help any lay man get started, Lenovo dropped some useful tips on usage inscribed on a thick paper, two protective sheaths to safeguard that bantam and glossy display, user guide v1.0, regulatory notice, and a white shaded charger to keep you going. On touching the device, the picturesque device with 16mm profile feels extremely lightweight at 200gm, compared to its predecessor S10-3. The configuration is the same except for the design pattern that gives it a unique identity.

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Though Lenovo has learned the ropes when it comes to serving distinctive devices, the super-portable unit stands apart and walks an extra mile. It definitely gets crowned for ditching traditional looks that laptops usually adorn. Interestingly, the Wind carries a floral design with soft hues to remind us of the warmth of the day. We were simply bowled over with the device’s glossy outer panel stretched all over with tinges. If there’s anything that made our stern eyes ogle, then its looks, looks and peppy looks. If girls out there still love fairy tales and love dreaming to be Alice for a day, this one can somewhat fill the bill. Don’t worry about those missing flying butterflies since they are answered with ones designed just below the keyboard.

Opening the lid of the sleek chassis leaves us with system status indicators and a silver power button on the extreme left of the display, an integrated camera on top for video communication, and the built-in microphone (with noise reduction) to help you execute video conferencing, voice narration, or simple audio recordings. The right bezel sports a Onekey rescue system button and a quick start button. The quick guide reveals the allowance to run Lenovo OneKey Recovery under the Windows operating system and the OneKey Rescue system without starting the Windows operating system. The quick start button let us enjoy instant access to functions such as web browsing, instant messaging and other entertainment elements without entering the traditional operating system. If Lenovo quick start doesn’t come pre-installed in your buddy, a prompt notice should be spotted appearing on the screen when you turn on your device. The right edge accommodates integrated Wireless device switch, headphone jack, a microphone jack, an USB port, an RJ-45 port, and a slot for attaching a lanyard. While, the left edge comprises AC power adapter jack, VGA port, Fan louvers, USB port with cover and memory card slot.

Lenovo S10-3S Wind

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Looking at the display, our infatuation towards looks was asked to be paused. The 10.1-inch SD LED Glare and Multi-touch WXGA display powered by Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 3150 was spotted pleasing us with native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel (upgraded from 1024 x 600 pixels) in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio in 16M colors. We appreciated the crisp and clear images rendered by the netbook. Further, the unique VeriFace face recognition technology, which popped up as soon we turned it on, was something close to being ‘unusual’. The integrated Intel high-definition graphics chipset extends its support to DirectX10 acceleration, dual independent display option, dynamic display detect, and Open GL 1.4. Watching our favorite flicks was pure fun with clear images revealing vividness and clarity.

Unfortunately, we got to witness our raised anticipations swinging down when we thought to luxuriate in S10-3s’ audio quality. Though perked up by Dolby, we couldn’t seem to enjoy rhythmic tunes with utmost clarity. Reflections of unsettled sound were pretty noticeable when we played some videos on YouTube. But as someone thought well before scribbling ‘loud not always mean sheer’, we didn’t spend too much time criticizing it. Partially ‘in’ for music enthusiasts, the device’s audio quality is decent enough to keep you tapping your feet, if not that, at least humming with the tunes being played. Fortunately, the high-resolution display puts it ahead in the game, to an extent here.

Well, with its integrated DirectShare, we could also seamlessly share our important files with another computer, without even connecting to the web. The browsing experience was quite decent, but leaving us to crib more for faster speed. Since many offerings out there are competently moving out with great speed, Lenovo shouldn’t have minded elevating the performance. Though not so overwhelmingly great, the speed was fine yet slightly lagging at times. If browsing is the only factor that compelled you to split the difference, it’s always good to think twice.

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Wind S10-3S netbook

The evaluating trip also revealed Active Protection System, a unique feature previously spotted running on Lenovo’s premium Thinkpad and IdeaPad laptops, but now fitted as standard across the S10-3 netbook range. Coming to the keyboard that may make it catch some brownie points, the 83 spacious keys are very well smoked out. Well, moving on took us straight to the performance which makes it or breaks it. Except watching videos on YouTube or looking high and low over something random was quite good. Fitted with the recently unleashed Intel Atom N470 or N450 processor, the netbook offers a familiar typing experience to a full size laptop with its 98 percent full-size chiclet keyboard.

Once again our smooth inspection couldn’t manage to last longer. The touchpad of the S10-3s was little cramped, making us consume more time to get a hang of it. In fact, we literally touched the surface of the desk when elongated our moves while using the touchpad. But, all these negative characteristics could be overlooked considering the responsiveness offered by it. Pretty impressively, the touchpad worked like a tiny magic pad for us. If someone needs a mere one word to pen it down, ‘sensitive’ is something that crosses our mind. The touchpad offers functions like a conventional mouse with built-in left-click and right-click buttons, shown by extremely minute two silver colored dots.

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The battery life of the device is good enough to keep you occupied for about 6 to 7 hours. The fix up of 3 cells or 7 cells doesn’t make it surpass the battery life dished up by the Lenovo S10-3S netbook. However, we could continue our canvass without confronting irksome pop ups reminding us of – ‘this percent of battery is remaining’. Apart from this, the unit was spotted being little noisy while being operational. The bottom view houses a spring-loaded battery latch that keeps the battery pack in place, stereo speakers for rich sound, manual battery latch, and SIM card slot for using mobile broadband. Before anyone points out the card slot, ‘select models only’ is what the user guide brings out into open.

Capturing our photos and sending to those web albums was a decent experience with the device’s good performance 1.3 megapixel built-in camera. To offer a seamless experience, the netbook pleases users with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity. The integration of MapLife location-based mapping also quickly picked up our location via the connected Wi-Fi connection to guide us through the nearby points of interest. Further, to stockpile those huge amounts of data right from a tiny image to heavy-filled data videos, up to 2GB RAM, up to 320GB HDD or 16/32GB SSD are included.


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Typing was a very fluid experience with Wind’s praiseworthy spaciously laid out keys.

The high-resolution display delivers crystal clear images for a better viewing experience.

Extremely lightweight and portable, making it a perfect companion while planning to hit the road with some business purpose in mind.

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The colorful design makes it grab some extra points.

Decent audio clarity to keep one occupied for hours.


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The narrow touchpad rendered an inconvenient experience.

The device was spotted being noisy when put in an operative mode.

The low battery life couldn’t really pull the strings in convincing us.

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The browsing experience accompanied with lags in loading wasn’t too smooth.

Our Shout

Summarizing our quick journey, the Lenovo S10-3s is a decent option to stay connected with your personal and professional life. As far as its unique crafting is concerned, ‘flying colors’ is what it comes out with. We liked the super-portable solution with tweaks of acceptable performance levels. However, if we fend off the colorful world for a moment, our advice to upgrade it functionally walks in straight to the Lenovo quarters. For its mobility and decent performance, we rate it an 8 out of 10. The price tag of Rs. 19,625 comes swinging on the Lenovo S10-3s.

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