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Lenovo rolls out Ultra Small PC weighing in at Only 300g

Lenovo's Ultra-light PC

At CES 2008, Lenovo has lifted the veils off a uber-portable compact prototype PC, which weighs (hold your breath ladies and gentlemen!) just 300g.

The new innovative PC makes use of “Menlow’ – a new platform that Intel is intending to launch anytime this year. The device’s OS is Linux, and aims at a startup date of 20 seconds. The startup screen features key menu icons such as Web, Entertainment, and Home.

The main specs of the ultra-light Lenovo PC are:

  • Equipped with 45nm process “Silverthorne (development cipher name)” microprocessor 4- or 8-Gbyte SSD
  • 4.8-inch 800 x 480 resolution LCD display
  • A wireless LAN
  • Supports Bluetooth and EDGE or TDS-CDMA
  • Constant operation of the embedded secondary battery extends to 4 hours whilst browsing websites.

    Lenovo’s 300g PC will be rolled out in the Chinese Markey in mid-2008, for around 75,000 yen ($685) including tax. Barring Japan, the PC could be introduced in the other markets worldwide in 2009.

    Wow, on one hand there’s this unimaginably light PC from Lenovo, and then there was this massively huge 150-inches Panasonic display. Talk about extremes!