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Lenovo is sorry for preloading adware onto your laptop, posts uninstall guide

If you’ve purchased a Lenovo laptop recently, there’s a good chance that it has come with adware right out of the box. Why? You might ask – Well, that’s a question which should be pointed towards the Chinese company as it has been well aware of the flaw. But before you go about talking bad of the OEM, they’ve already owned up to their mistake and have issued a guide on how to fix the damage.

The whole fiasco started with customers complaining on the official forums that they noticed an adware injecting advertisements into search results. All fingers point to a piece of software called Superfish and the installation date was listed as a month before the laptop was purchased. This clearly indicates that the malicious tool was loaded along with all of the other apps and services from the company.

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For your knowledge, Superfish is an advertising software (many AV software list it as a harmful virus) and it had a commercial partnership with Lenovo a few months back, but is now on halt. Lenovo says that the tool was implemented to ‘enhance the shopping experience’ which it does by scanning images on the web to provide recommendations via identical and similar products with competitive prices.

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Lenovo’s official statement highlights that the company has stopped implementing Superfish into its products and has even shutdown the server connections which enable the software. So, it really isn’t clear why users are seeing it active in their browsers. The OEM has apologized for the issue via Twitter saying ‘We’re sorry. We messed up.’

The company has also posted a complete guide to uninstall the Superfish software and all traces of it from affected PCs. It notes that an update will be issued to automatically remove the service in the next few days.

The official statement from Lenovo can be found at this link where the company has also listed out all laptops which have the Superfish software preloaded. You’ll also find the uninstall guides at the source.