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Lenovo Ideapad U260 Review

Lenovo Ideapad U260 Notebook

Reaching its target audience effectively is something Lenovo is known for and we are sure the stylishly designed Lenovo Ideapad U260 notebook knows its prospective customers well. By not keeping power performance on the back burner, the company decided to show how dapper and chic it could get with this premium notebook. Yes, it is one of those ‘technology meets style’ devices and read on our review to know if Lenovo has adequately showcased this union.

It’s been some time now that we’ve opened the packaging of a device and the first word uttered in unison is ‘wow.’ The U260’s book-like design, soft texture and smooth finish compelled us to do so. Our eyes were glued to its magnesium-aluminum alloy covers encasing it from outside. The thickness is uniformly maintained at 0.7-inches, so you won’t find any protruding body parts except for the rubber feet. Following the unibody design, the device sports a rigid construction.

Lenovo Ideapad U260

This stylish device has been dipped in Mocha brown and Clementine orange hues, but only the former is available in the Indian market. The device was a delight to watch when closed as the two sides completely rest on each other to form a neat book (no gap between the edges). While Mocha brown covers the lid and base, the rest of the sides are maintained black with an intricate brown rim on the sides. The screen affixed on the lid is slightly outwards. The smooth sides embed Kensington slot, 1 x USB port, headphone/mic combo and integrated wireless device switch on the left side while 1 x USB, HDMI, RJ-45 and VGA ports along with AC power jack have been maintained on the right side.

A neat bezel encompasses a 12.5-inch matte display. This HD AntiGlare display features 1366 x 768 resolution and just above the screen one will notice integrated camera and microphone. Apart from the touchpad, a strip integrated with speakers, essential LEDs and keyboard, the remaining portion has been enclosed in a leather texture. This enables the palm rest quite comfortable. The spill-proof keyboard has flat keys for smooth typing while the above mentioned strip has been embedded with JBL speakers, main power, system status indicators, ambient light sensor and Onekey Rescue button. The keyboard worked well in support as we typed on it even for longer period. The anti breakable glass pad enveloping the touchpad ensured a good response to our touch gestures. So, those who love penning down lengthy articles for their blogs or intense browsing may find comfort in the input elements of the device.

Ideapad U260 Notebook

At 1.35kgs, the Lenovo Ideapad U260 notebook encases a nifty package looks wise. On the design front, this eye candy could keep you ogling for hours. However, we did miss an SD card slot and an optical drive which could add to the functionality of this dainty device. The dismissal of the optical drive could be in order to maintain sleekness of the device. The base is maintained intact without many protruding objects and minimal vents. So, even on flipping the device, the stylish design elements don’t really fade away.

Our unit came equipped with the Intel Core i3 U380 processor, 4GB RAM and 320GB hard disk space. However, an i5 device is expected to be made available in India soon. The hardware set gets minimalistic on entering the gaming zone. Evidently, it does not outshine in the gaming segment. As we hit it off with our favorite game Counter Strike, the graphics didn’t seem to deliver a nerve biting experience.

Ideapad U260

The anti-glare 12.5-inch screen with 1,366 x 768 resolution is standard enough. Though it is not close to some of the best display screens found in laptops these days, it could make for a decent viewing experience with the matte screen. The embedded 0.3MP webcam delivers a mediocre performance and packs in all the fun-filled effects that have become standard in webcam equipped notebooks now-a-days.

The Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7 makes the boot up time swifter than other machines we have worked on lately. Connecting to Wi-Fi was swift and then on surfing the web didn’t come with any hindrance. However, it couldn’t handle multi-tasking to a great extent and was also accompanied by a couple of freezing moments. Disappointingly, one and a half hour of movie watching, some web browsing, a few downloads and the battery power was completely drained in about three hours.

Lenovo U260


Lenovo U260’s striking design elements ensure eye-catching looks. The smooth finish and chic base further add to its plush appearance.

The built quality of the device is maintained sturdy.


The slim profile has probably compelled the company to give a miss to the optical drive and SD card reader. Moreover, it comes with only two USB ports.

The battery life could have been extended for enhanced portability.

Our Shout


Looking at the Lenovo Ideapad U260 notebook as a complete package, its looks department completely takes over the user while the functionality of this machine leaves room for improvement. If chic looks with decent functions is something you’ve been looking for then this device could sure make it to your desk. However, the price point at which it is offered seems on a higher side. Marked at Rs. 44,000, this Lenovo machine made us scribble a rating of 8 out of 10.