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Lenovo 3000 Y300 and Y500 Notebooks launched in India

Lenovo 3000 Y Family of Notebooks

Lenovo has just launched its 3000 Y300 and Y500 notebook PCs in the Indian market. The Lenovo 3000 Y300 and Y500 notebooks have been targeted at the home consumer as well as the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) segment. These new Lenovo notebooks incorporate Lenovo’s biometric face recognition technology that enhances data security, and even allows the notebooks to be used by multiple users without any problems.

The Lenovo 3000 Y family of notebooks includes various features such as the Shuttle Center, a TV-Tuner card, an integrated Touch Pad, and a Slot-in ODD (a trayless entry for CDs and DVDs). The Shuttle Center is an audio and video entertainment platform that allows the user to navigate between menus without using the mouse. The integrated Touch-Pad features a wider touch area, and also provides two modes to avoid the possibility of touching the TouchPad when one is using the mouse.

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The Lenovo 3000 Y500 notebook has advanced Dolby Home Theatre, a Shuttle Center for easy navigation, a Slot-in ODD and a TV-Tuner card. The inclusion of the advanced Dolby Home Theatre sound makes Lenovo’s Y500 notebook perfect for multimedia enthusiasts.

According to Lenovo, incorporating Dolby Home Theatre into the new Y500 families of notebooks, will allow listeners to actually feel the excitement and emotion of their favorite music, movies, games and movies.

Both the Lenovo 3000 Y300 and Y500 notebook families have a face recognition feature that is supported by Veriface software. This technology takes a digital snap of the user, extracts key features of the user’s face and then creates a digital map that becomes the system’s “password”.

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This face recognition technology is able to recognize multiple users and logs onto the Windows operating system, as well as other applications without the need for users to remember a single password. In the event of an unauthorized attempt to log in, the Lenovo notebook photographs the user and stores the image in a log for verifications.

The key features of the Lenovo 3000 Y300 notebook are noted below:

  • Face recognition technology
  • Weighs 2.03 kg with battery
  • Integrated slot-in optical disc drive and 13.1″ widescreen
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • The key features of the Lenovo 3000 Y500 notebook are listed below:

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  • Integrated Dolby Home Theater system
  • A subwoofer
  • Face recognition technology
  • Integrated slot-in optical disc drive and 15.4″ widescreen
  • 1.3 MP camera
  • Integrated TV-Tuner card with Remote Control
  • The new Lenovo 3000 Y300 notebook will sell for a price of Rs.61,990, while the Lenovo 3000 Y500 notebook is priced between Rs. 31,990 and Rs.69,990.

    “PCs today are so much more than a productivity tool. They are integral to our lifestyles, so they need to be easy-to-use and feature rich,” said Ajay Mittal, Vice President, Brand and Marketing, Lenovo India. “Our face recognition technology is the least intrusive biometric technology in the market. With data security becoming a vital concern among PC users today, we are confident that this line of notebooks will deliver a secure and reliable computing experience.”

    Lenovo is also launching a new promotion called Face to Face, in which lucky buyers of the Lenovo 3000 product line win a dinner invitation with Saif Ali Khan, who happens to be Lenovo’s brand ambassador.

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