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Leica M10 is compact but offers a full-frame 24MP sensor

Leica M10

Trust Leica to come up with highly advanced and at the same time extremely expensive cameras all the time. The M10 is yet another one of its products to have taken this approach. Priced at a whopping $6495 (body-only), this shooter distinguishes itself by packing a full-frame sensor inside a compact shell.

At that price, you’d expect it to have video recording capabilities, especially since its predecessor the Leica M9 came with that. But no, it has skipped that feature in favor of offering still-purists the joy of calling themselves that after buying the expensive camera.

Another thing that the M10 does differently is ISO. It has placed a dial on the top surface for the same. This means, everything thing from the shutter speed, the aperture and the ISO to the focus can now be changed using physical controls. Not everything is analog though, as you will indeed find a 3-inch 1.04-million-dot LCD screen on its back surface.

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At its heart, this Leica shooter carries a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor with improved dynamic range, sharpness, resolution and contrast rendition. This camera can shoot continuous bursts at 5fps at full resolution for up to 16 frames, making it the fastest the German company has ever made.

The M10 also boasts of Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be paired with a phone or tablet using the Leica M-App for transferring DNG raw files and editing them on the go.

Like we said, $6495 is how much the Leica M10 will cost when it’s made available later this month.