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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 design poses an interesting question

Hey Samsung, there's a hole in your smartphone display.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak
Image credit: Evan Blass/Twitter

A sneaky shot of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been posted online yet again, this time by Evan Blass who has a pretty good record when it comes to leaking devices before their official launch. The picture is in line with another photo of the smartphone caught in the wild in December.

Accordingly, the Samsung Galaxy S10 “Beyond 1” features a hole for the front camera drilled into the upper right side of its display. It looks very similar to the Galaxy A8s which was released in China early last month, except for the fact that the latter has the round cutout on its upper left side.

From the wide, ugly notch on the iPhone X to the water-drop notch on the OnePlus 6T, mobile phone manufacturers have been trying out all kinds of design variations to get full-face displays onto handsets. Why have they left it to the Vivos and Oppos of the world to actually achieve this?

Vivo Nex Camera
Vivo Nex pop-up camera

The Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X flaunt full-face touchscreens with pop-up cameras. We were hoping that 2019 would be the year the camera notch died. In October, there were rumors that Samsung would move the camera of the Galaxy S10 under the display for a truly bezel-free design.

But apparently not. What signal are big brand names like Apple and Samsung waiting for? Are under-display sensors and cameras so expensive to implement, they won’t be profitable to sell in the face of consumers’ apparent price tolerance limit of $1000 for smartphones?

Samsung can call the punch-hole display design of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Infinity-O or whatever other fancy name it chooses. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re disappointed about the notch being replaced by a hole in the touchscreen.

Other rumored features of the Samsung Galaxy S10:

A multitude of older leaks suggest that Samsung will be releasing more than one version of the Galaxy S10. Its biggest strength might be its camera technology supported by the Exynos 9820 processor with a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). Rumors hint at three to four rear cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak
Image Credit: inss0317/Twitter

Another likely inclusion is Powershare which will allow the S10 to wirelessly charge gadgets like phones and smartwatches. There will be memory space and RAM aplenty – no need for speculations to tell you that. Samsung is apparently fixing to launch the flagship series on February 20.

Yea, we know that’s 5 days before the MWC 2019 kicks off. But it makes sense for Samsung to unveil the S10 (and S10 Lite and S10+ maybe) before you’re distracted by the avalanche of devices which will be shown at the event. The price could start at $840 or so.