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Leaked Motorola DVX maybe cheaper version of Moto X

The Moto X is currently priced as low as $99 through Best Buy as well as Sprint and higher via other carriers. Now here’s a sneak peak of a certain Motorola DVX which was confirmed to be a cheaper version of the aforementioned smartphone.

The image has been grabbed from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) documents and shows the handset sporting a slightly different build as compared to the Moto X. The speaker grill has been moved to the left of the rear camera for one. The front lens has also shifted its position so that it sits on the upper left hand side of the front, instead of the right.

Motorola DVX

Android Authority which came upon these pictures through Reddit, notes that it may carry any of three model numbers – XT1035, XT1033 or XT1032. Also, the phone is likely to do without LTE and stick to 2G and 3G bands. We first caught wind of Motorola’s plans to put a reasonable price on its mid-range device when CEO, Dennis Woodside talked about it in early August.

And less than a fortnight ago, Android Police managed to grab hold of some pretty good evidence about an October launch for the DVX through Republic Wireless’ parent company, Bandwidth’s roadmap. What’s more, the upcoming smartphone was touted to cost less than $200 outside the US.

Republic Wireless Motorola DVX Leak

Some readers on Reddit point out that the Motorola DVX looks smaller than the Moto X. We can’t really tell, but if it’s true, anyone wants to bet their favorite socks on the company calling it the Moto X mini?