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Leaked iPhone SE box confirms 16GB base model

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The fans are screaming for a higher capacity base model, but Apple is not at all listening even as the iPhone SE too seems to have been granted a 16GB base storage model. This news comes from an alleged photograph of the device’s retail box that has leaked in China.

Firstly, the supposed retail package in question shows the words iPhone SE clearly, thus confirming that Apple has indeed chosen that moniker for its new 4-inch handset. And the 16GB print on the box is telling us that the company has again chosen that storage option for its base model.

It’s indeed way better than the 8GB base storage option of the iPhone 5C though, to which the iPhone SE is sort of a spiritual successor. However, 16GB is indeed not enough these days, what with high resolution photos and heavy apps to deal with. Not to mention the possibility that this handset will support 4K videos and Live Photos as well.

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There’s no news yet, but the Apple sticking to the 16GB base model strategy may very well mean that there will again be no 32GB option, as the next two devices will offer 64GB and 128GB storage. The company says it’s doing this because its customers are indeed demanding low storage models, but the fan reactions are telling an entirely different story.

Anyway, another thing that the image in question tells us is that NFC support for Apple Pay will apparently be granted to the iPhone SE as well. And as expected, it will support global LTE networks on both GSM and CDMA standards.

An event titled ‘Let Us Loop You In’ will be held by Apple on March 21, and that’s when you can expect to catch the first official glimpse of the iPhone SE.



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