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Leaked images say they are of Nexus 8, let’s talk specs

The imminent and why-is-it-not-around-yet Nexus 8 tablet could be slated for a Google I/O debut, and ahead of this developer extravaganza a couple of its alleged images have been leaked out by a Chinese site. This source has also claimed that the tablet will grab a 64-bit processor and run the Android 4.5 OS.

The bit about a new Android version is not a surprise, since each ‘Nexus’ release is accompanied by a software update. Version 4.5 will apparently bear enhancements needed for 64-bit processing but its other details still remain out of reach.

Nexus 8 Leaked Image 1

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The supposed image of the Nexus 8 seems to have the slate dressed in some sort of a casing in order to keep its design a secret. According to CNET, My Drivers, the site which has released the pictures has revealed that a 3GB RAM module will also form part of it.

Moreover, it is said to have grabbed a Qualcomm 64-bit ARM processor. While we had heard mumblings of the 64-bit version of the Tegra K1 SoC having been reserved for this tablet, recent rumors had said that an Intel Moorefield 64-bit chipset will be placed inside. There’s clearly quite some confusion in this department.

Nexus 8 Leaked Image 2

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This will be the first ever 8-inch slab coming from Mountain View, with its two current offerings grabbing 7-inch and 10-inch displays. Like we said, we can expect the Nexus 8 to arrive at this month’s Google I/O which is set to commence on June 25. If it is indeed unveiled there, the newest version of Android as well as the tablet itself should be released in July.