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LE1700 Tablet PC with WriteTouch display unveiled by Motion Computing

LE1700 Tablet PC

Motion Computing, a leader in ultramobile computing and wireless communications has unveiled a new tablet PC, the LE1700. The LE1700 slate tablet PC integrates the latest technology, incorporates a host of features and could thus be very useful to increase the productivity of mobile professionals in the fields of healthcare, field sales and services, government and hospitality.

According to Tony Bonadera, Motion Computing’s vice president of product management, “The LE1700 is another good example of Motion’s penchant for choosing the relevant and innovative technologies to help our vertical industry customers do their jobs better and more efficiently.”

The LE1700 tablet PC from Motion Computing includes a host of great features such as Motion’s exclusive WriteTouch display option for dual-node writing and touch-screen input; Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) integration; Microsoft Windows Vista operating system; and Intel Core 2 Duo mobile technology.

The exclusive Motion WriteTouch display option that has been incorporated into the LE1700 tablet PC allows for the most responsive dual-mode writing and touch-screen experience in the market. WriteTouch accepts input from the pad of a finger or digitized pen, but will not respond to other materials or objects.

As the LE1700 tablet PC operates on Windows Vista, it will allow IT departments to use one operating system across all enterprise hardware. Besides, Vista includes the additional layers of .NET integration to facilitate the development of digital ink applications. Last, but definitely not the least, with Vista, the handwriting experience is improved for the user with the use of a trainable Tablet Input Panel (TIP) that personalizes handwriting recognition.

The LE1700 tablet PC happens to be the first to offer Intel’s Core 2 Duo technology. Due to this, the LE1700 tablet PC is able to compute twice the CPU performance when compared to the previous generation Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo. Besides, there is also an increase in system responsiveness when running multiple applications. It also extends mobility with smart battery power management.

Motion Computing has also incorporated wireless connectivity in the LE1700 tablet PC. This includes CDMA/EV-DO mobile broadband technology capabilities, WiFi and Bluetooth – ensuring uncompromised access to the Internet, email and networked applications.

Motion included its DataGuard hard drive accelerometer on the LE1700 to further protect data stored on the hard drive. When a potentially hazardous shock or drop is detected, DataGuard stops your hard drive by moving the read-and-write head to areas that do not contain data. The protection system turns the hard drive on again once the shock sensor detects a stable environment.

Other system security features include an embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to enable hardware-based encryption and authentication. A built-in fingerprint reader uses biometric data to prevent unauthorized access to system resources and encrypted data. The ability to disable both the 802.11 network connection and Bluetooth with a single on/off switch adds greater control in high-security environments. Finally, the Motion Security Center allows for quick access to the tablet PC’s authentication, password and encryption applications.

Other enhanced features of the LE1700 tablet PC from Motion Computing include:

  • An SXGA+ LCD screen, a first among slate tablet PCs, that provides unparalleled graphic clarity and enhanced image detail
  • Up to 4GB of 667-MHz memory with dual-channel memory support, double the maximum capacity of the LE1600
  • New fingerprint reader technology that enables the biometric fingerprint reader to operate like a mouse
  • Available View Anywhere display option for high-quality display clarity and visibility at nearly all angles in nearly every lighting condition
  • The Motion Computing LE1700 tablet PC is available at a price starting from $2199. Motion Computing is also selling a LE1700 base Core Solo tablet PC that starts at $1999. The LE1700 tablet PC comes with a standard one-year limited warranty that can be extended to two or three years.