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LCD iPhone may adopt LG G7 ThinQ’s MLCD+ display

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Apple’s upcoming budget LCD iPhone has been the subject of plenty of discussions over the past few months, with most reports agreeing that it’ll measure either 6.1-inch or 6-inch and sport a bezel-less design with a notch up top. However, conventional LCD panels don’t allow for the kind of narrow-bezel, slightly curved design seen on the iPhone X.

This has lead some to believe that Apple would adopt Japan Display’s Full Active LCD display since the technology behind it would allow for small bezels. Patently Apple now posits that the company might look to LG’s MLCD+ screen instead. The site doesn’t actually have any proof of this, but there is a chance it could happen.

Apple and LG are said to be in cahoots over producing OLED displays for iPhones, with the former even investing a great deal of money into speeding up the process. The latter has been supplying LCD panels for the iPhone for years, so it makes sense for it to continue that legacy this year as well.

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LG recently unleashed the G7 ThinQ to the world, equipping the phone with a minimal-bezel MLCD+ display. It utilizes a new kind of technology which incorporates 4 sub-pixels (red, green, blue and white) instead of the conventional 3 (red, green and blue).

The addition of a white sub-pixel to the mix allows MLCD+ panels to generate more visible white light and turn the backlight panel down, saving up on power. LG touts that the G7 ThinQ can produce 1000 nits of brightness which is pretty impressive considering the OLED iPhone X maxes out at 726 nits.