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Lawsuit accuses Apple of lying about iPhone X, iPhone XS screen

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Apple is in legal trouble again, this time over its advertising practices. Two people have filed a lawsuit against it in the US, accusing the company of misleading consumers about the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max’s display. They’re hoping to reach class-action status, but the brand will probably try to get the case dismissed before that.

As per the suit (via CNET), Apple has been lying to customers about the size of the iPhone X. First of all, the firm claims the device is “all screen” in its marketing materials, but that’s clearly not the case thanks to the notch and thin bezels all around. Moreover, specific renders, wallpapers, and angles are being used in ads to disguise the cutout.

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The plaintiffs also complain about the fact that the iPhone X has a 5.6875-inch screen when accounting for the rounded corners. Apple’s specs page for the iPhone XS says it measures 5.85-inch diagonally when measured as a standard rectangle, with the actual viewable area being less.

The document also had a lot to say about the resolution of the screen. Apple says the iPhone X has a 2436 x 1125p display. Technically speaking, the notch and rounded corners eat up 120 pixels, so the resolution is not a true reflection of the panel. Plus, the actual rectangular screen area has a 2195 x 1125p resolution.

The lawsuit even takes issue with Apple claiming that the OLED iPhone X has a higher resolution than the LCD iPhone 8 Plus. The former has 2 sub-pixels, while the latter has 3 sub-pixels. Crunching some numbers, this means that the iPhone X has 5481000 sub-pixels and the iPhone 8 Plus has 6220800 sub-pixels.

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Apple is guilty of some of these accusations. However, it remains to be seen if the US District Court of Northern California will think the case has any merit. The brand might be embellishing the truth a bit, but anyone with eyes can see there’s a big notch on the iPhone X.

Additionally, it’s not like the cutout can’t be seen in other advertising images. If Apple had hidden the notch in all its renders, the plaintiffs might have a solid case. The resolution and screen size are more valid as arguments. Let’s wait and watch how the court sees it.