Samsung NC110 3G-enabled netbook hits Croma stores in India

Samsung NC110 Netbook India

Samsung expands its netbook portfolio with the introduction of the 3G-enabled NC110 exclusively for Croma outlets in India. With the arrival of 3G technology in India, laptop manufacturers like Samsung have started providing their devices with the technology embedded.

Powered by the Windows 7 starter edition, the Samsung NC110 3G netbook is said to deliver high performance while even running on battery power. The company claims the device to have a unique design with advanced capabilities and features. Besides being easy to clean and having an optimized key spaced keyboard, the laptop boasts of being comfortable to type on and reduces the number of input errors.

Ranjit Yadav, Country Head, Samsung Mobile and IT commented, “Samsung’s Netbook NC110 is a great option for every-day users who want more vivid mobile PC experience and key features at an affordable price. As people’s needs evolve rapidly, we are launching a variety of options that are tailored to suit different preferences and lifestyles, so that our customers can always have the perfect solution for their needs.”

Along with a quick startup, the device also possesses advanced network technologies such as Bluetooth 3.0, HSPA 3G modem, Wi-Fi along with an application that automatically connects to wireless networks. The advanced sleep mode stores data on the HDD and RAM memory speeding the recovery time. Also, even if power to the device is lost, users will find all data just the way it was. For charging external gadgets when the power is turned off, the netbook is equipped with a sleep-and-charge feature.

The Samsung NC110 3G netbook weighs 1.18 kg with a 660mAh battery and is priced at Rs. 21,300 in India. Also several other laptops in the NC series are available from Rs. 14,490 to 21,990.