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L’Amour 7088 CDMA Mobile Phone unveiled by Nokia

Nokia 7088 CDMA Mobile Phone

Nokia has unveiled a new CDMA phone- the Nokia 7088, which happens to be the first CDMA model in the company’s well-received L’Amour Collection. The 7088 mobile phone also happens to be the first to apply the L’Amour design language to a sliding configuration.

The Nokia 7088 CDMA mobile phone being a part of Nokia’s L’Amour Collection has an artful design. This phone has select key that looks very much like a jewel, and a sculpted directional pad both set into a metallic framework. The front and back surfaces have a leather-inspired texture.

Looks aside, the Nokia 7088 phone has a lot more to offer. This phone has a dedicated key that makes it very easy to activate the integrated video recorder and camera (with LED flash). The phone also sports a large 128 x 160 pixel color display, a two-way speaker and a voice recorder. The Nokia 7088 also includes a Calendar feature and a built-in mobile browser that makes it easy to handle work while on-the-move.

According to Larry Paulson, vice president and general manager of Nokia’s CDMA business, “The Nokia L’Amour Collection has been enthusiastically received by design minded individuals around the world. We are pleased to be able to bring this bold expression of style and taste to CDMA customers. The Nokia 7088 is certain to attract instant attention with its beautiful form and generous set of features. Coupled with Nokia’s hallmark quality and easy-to-use interface, we are sure that customers will have a great long-term relationship with it as well.”

The Nokia 7088 phone is scheduled to available in selected markets in Asia/Pacific, Africa, Middle East, China and Latin America in the second quarter of 2007.