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KumoTek introduces KT-X humanoid robot kit

KT-X humanoid robot kit

The Japanese team of Vstone and the Texan team of KumoTek have come out with the KT-X (KumoTex-X) series of bipedal humanoid robots. The series includes – 13-motor KT-X Lite, 17-motor KT-X, and 20-motor KT-X Gladiator.

Much like its Vstone counterpart Robovie-X, the KT-X measures 13.5 inches tall. It comes completely loaded with action with over 75 reprogrammed motions and weighs 2.9lbs.

Unlike the robots in Hollywood movies, who are most of the time the bad-guys, the bipedals in the KT series are here for a good cause. The series is a good-guys-gang of KumoTek’s Robot P.E.T.S. (Robots Promoting Education Through Science) educational system, imparting knowledge to the kids eternally stuck to their video-games. Now with a life-size robot right in your house, who wouldn’t like to learn? What if it just gets angry and gives an electrical shock!? Well, but that is unlikely to happen as the robot can be controlled with a standard PS2 wireless controller.

So here it is, a very obedient study partner for kids, definitely inspiring them to take up robotics or mechanical engineering!

The series is available at a price of $990 USD, $1,290 USD and $1,490 USD for KT-X Lite, KT-X and KT-X Gladiator respectively. They can be purchased from the Roboporium site.