Koss Striva Pro headphones and in-ear Koss Striva Tap launched

Koss Striva Pro Headphones

The recently announced Koss Striva Pro headphones and in-ear Koss Striva Tap are quite serious about doing away with wires. These Wi-Fi enabled accessories are capable of playing back music directly from the internet without any cords.

The 1.5-inch Striva Tap in-ear monitor does away with any sort of wires and comes incorporated with microprocessors that are responsible for syncing music to each earpiece. Other key aspects of this compact in-ear option happen to be the capacitive touch controls featured on the face of the device itself. On the other hand, the Striva Pro flaunts controls that are gesture-based such as simply swiping to tweak volume. These over-ear headphones are collapsible, making them easy to carry around when on the go.

“54 years ago my father revolutionized personal listening with the first Koss SP3 stereophone,” states Michael J. Koss, President and CEO. “Today, thanks to the Internet, the revolution is in the air. Now all of your favorite music can be streamed directly from the Internet to our new headphones and in-ear monitors without wires using Koss Striva technology,”

In-ear Koss Striva Tap

Both the gadgets are complete with the company’s Striva Core that combines a small battery-powered chip with Wi-Fi components to make them wireless. Furthermore, the MyKoss server can be deployed to seamlessly connect and stream audio content from the internet. Each gadget has been bundled with Striva CAP that transmits audio from music players, PCs or smartphones to Striva Wi-Fi enabled in-ear monitors or headphones.

The Koss Striva Pro headphones and in-ear Koss Striva Taps price details are stamped to be $450 and $500, respectively. The devices can be currently ordered only on the company’s official website.

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