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5 KompoZer Alternatives

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Our KompoZer alternative list comprises of some pretty neat WYSIWYG web development programs. And quite similar to the delight in question, you don’t need to be a professional in this department to use the following names. Each of them comes packed to the hilt with great features and helpful hints that aid you in all your online endeavors. You don’t even have to be familiar with web coding or HTML for creating your stunning professional-looking site. Now if you want to have a go at other sorts of software bits that proffer a similar feel, then we suggest you read on and zero in on a virtual treat that suits you best.

1 – Bluefish:

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This particular gem is aimed at putting a smile on the face of all you web developers and programmers out there. It steps forth with a list of tools that will help you write programming codes, scripts, and websites. The lightweight option in our compilation sports a multiple document interface that seamlessly opens more than 500 documents. With this software in place, you’ll be able to juggle different projects with ease as it automatically restores the allotted settings for each one.

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Some of the other features include multi-threaded support, search and replace tools, auto-recovery of changes, snippets sidebar, unlimited undo/redo functionality, character map of Unicode characters, in-line spell checker and full-screen editing. You can further integrate external programs like lint, xmllint, javac, weblint and tidy as well as merge external filters. The free multiplatform application plays well with different desktop systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, and FreeBSD.

2 – Adobe Dreamweaver:

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After shedding light on a free substitute, we now jump to another app like KompoZer that comes with a price tag. It’s filled to the brim with robust tools that help you develop, design and publish projects. Web designers and developers can also utilize this one to formulate mobile and website content without facing too many obstacles. A few of its handy attributes read as easier HTML5 audio and video insertion, new CSS designer, jQuery UI widgets, enhanced fluid grid layout interface, sync settings, modern platform support, streamlined workflow, CSS3 transitions, and Adobe Edge Web Fonts.

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It boasts of incorporating an intuitive environment that allows the creative talent to apply CSS properties such as box shadows and gradients. You can also employ one-to-one browser rendering and advanced code hinting. Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows PCs, this one comes with a price tag that reads at just under $20 per month.

3 – BlueGriffon:

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Here’s another true-‘blue’ mention that’s proffered absolutely free of cost. This WYSIWYG HTML content editor is based on Gecko and takes the place of a program called Nvu. Developed by Daniel Glazman, this engaging entrant caters to both novices as well as advanced web authors looking to create stunning sites. Even the former niche can come up with some attractive web solutions without even having prior technical knowledge of web standards, as per the brains behind this endeavor. And if you fall within the latter group, you can employ the Source View to hard-code your online page.

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You’ll further be able to create and edit all HTML 4, HTML 5 and XHTML 1 documents. It also provides CSS support, an integrated Style Properties panel, WebFonts, SVG Edit, and MathML add-on. The multilingual program even supports English, Finnish, Czech, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, traditional and simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Serbian and Spanish. The current stable v1.7 is now free to download from the company’s official website.

4 – Aptana Studio 3:

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Up next in our programs similar to KompoZer array is a professional, open-source development tool that’s created for the open web. This one allows you to build web applications as well as preview, debug and edit CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Rails and Python applications. With the integrated debugger, you can easily inspect variables, set breakpoints, and control execution. It further supports multiple protocols like SFTP, Capistrano, FTP, and FTPS. A few of its other attributes include Git integration, IDE customization, and built-in terminal.

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By employing the goodies embedded in this handy program, you’ll be able to develop and test out your masterpiece web application within one single environment. This gem is free to procure and compatible with Windows XP or later, Mac OS X and Linux. You can avail of 2 versions namely, Standalone and Eclipse plug-in.

5 – Coda 2:

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This app like KompoZer in our lineup is noted to be a web development application that’s created by Panic exclusively for Mac OS X users. The latest version is splashed with a refreshed user interface and updated with new features as well as a couple of surprises too, as per the developer. The UI is loaded with a Super Sidebar, new scrolling tabs, a plus button, and code focus.

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Some of the other attributes that await you here include multiple placeholders, iCloud sync for clips and sites, keyboard shortcuts, full file browser, built-in web inspector, path bar-related files, list view, integrated MySQL editor and live code hints. Priced at $75, you can pick up this software piece from either the official website or Mac App Store.


The WYSIWYG HTML editor in the spotlight here forayed onto the scene with the tagline, ‘easy web authoring.’ And that’s exactly what it aimed to offer with its amalgamation of user-friendly WYSIWYG web page editing capabilities and web file management. What’s more, it was up for grabs to web developers and even novices in this department absolutely free of cost. Now, you’ll be able to find a KompoZer alternative that jumps in with similar features right here. There are even a few options that come tagged with a $0 price label. So which one will you choose?