Kodak Theatre HD Player Unveiled

Kodak Theatre HD Player After announcing a slew of cameras, Kodak has now unveiled its Theatre HD Player. The new High Definition (HD) media player enables users to cherish their memories and delivers a unique way of entertainment.

The Kodak HD player can be used for playing videos, pictures, podcasts, music and web-based content on a HDTV. Also player has Wi-Fi compatibility.

Besides, with the help of the remote, Kodak Theatre HD Player lets users relive their memories in customized slideshows, incorporating their personal music and video collections, Internet Radio, and online video- and photo-sharing sites.

“The proliferation of HDTV technology has created a demand for HD content beyond standard television programming,” said John Blake, General Manager Digital Capture and Devices, Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. “With the KODAK Theatre HD Player, consumers will relive the most cherished moments of their lives on their HDTV – the largest and highest quality display device in their home. Consumers will have the ability to do more than ever with their pictures, music and videos with easier and more interactive access to their personal content, as well as content from family and friends from around the globe.”

The Kodak Theatre HD Player will be available in the US market from September 2008 at the price of US $299.99.