Kodak EasyShare Z1085 IS Zoom, M1033 and V1273 Digital Cameras unveiled

Kodak EasyShare Z1085 IS Zoom, M1033 and V1273 Digital Cameras

Kodak has launched three new digital cameras in its EasyShare family, each offering a multitude of features in a stylish body. Kodak EasyShare Z1085 IS Zoom, M1033 and V1273 are the three new devices that have been introduced.

The high performance Kodak EasyShare Z1085 IS Zoom is a 10Mp, 5X optical zoom digicam that comes with optical image stabilization. It offers manual as well as automatic controls, giving users the choice of mode that suits them the best. In addition, it can also shoot HD still pictures and videos, improving the overall picture-sharing experience.

The next launch – Kodak EasyShare M1033, also a 10MP camera incorporates with a 3X optical zoom lens and 3-inch wide-angle viewing LCD screen. Apparently, it bundles features that make this camera produce great pictures in just about any environment. And of course, it also has the ability to capture FD pictures and videos.

The Kodak EasyShare V1273 is the most advanced camera in the list. The 12MP, 3X optical zoom camera includes a large 3-inch LCD touch screen for easy camera setup and control. The HD-enabled digicam takes unbelievable high definition still pictures and videos for viewing on HDTVs with the Kodak HDTV Dock.

Kodak Easyshare Z1085 IS is priced at $249.95, the M1033 digital camera comes for $199.95, while the most high-end one, i.e., the V1273 is available for $279.95. No exact details about their availabilities has been revealed yet.

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