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Kingston DataTraveler G2 16GB Review: A handy USB 2.0 flash drive

Kingston DataTraveler G2 16GB

Numerous portable storage solutions ranging from USB flash drives to SSDs to external hard drives are a saving grace when it comes to lugging around important documents or multimedia content. Considering the extremely compact form factors sported by pen drives, you would hardly find any tech savvy person without this handy unit securely tucked inside their pockets or handbags. Several big players like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend and Seagate have enriched the ever-expanding storage segment by launching a multitude of versatile, pocket-sized products of this ilk. Plentiful offerings from Kingston’s kitty effortlessly combine portability with style and functionality. Read on to find out how the Kingston DataTraveler G2 16GB flash drive fared in terms of durability and performance in our all-inclusive review of it.

This compact device arrived our office enclosed in a plastic casing. The drive can be held comfortably in the palm and has a very light yet sturdy feel to it. It weighs merely 0.4oz and exhibits 58.3mm x 23.6mm x 9mm dimensions apart from sporting clean edges and neat curves. The front face of the diminutive construct shows off a tiny strip sporting shiny maroon hues with the words ‘DataTraveler G2 16GB’ and the Kingston logo etched across it. The handy solution comes dipped in a pristine white shade and is adorned by a red colored rim through three edges for lending it an eye-catching look. Its rear side encompasses a plastic red strip emblazoned with the company name and reveals the logo carved on the surface besides it.

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On holding the device face up, its right edge is pierced with a lanyard slot, which adds to its portability factor. The left side offers room for a pull out retractable connector, while the upper edge comes equipped with a smooth push-out red button. We weren’t unhappy with the overall build and look of this pen drive. Much to our delight, it’s all plastic surface isn’t quite a fan of bothersome finger prints. However, dust accumulation or other unwarranted stains cannot go unnoticed on its sober white appearance. The functioning of its push-out knob is relatively smoother and it glides over without glitches on applying minimum amount of pressure to expose the housed connector.

Kingston DataTraveler G2

The pen drive’s overall robust built renders enhanced security and it could endure couple of accidental drops and bumps inflicted by us. It is touted to withstand operating temperatures between 0°C to 60°C and storage temperatures ranging from -20°C to 85°C. Like most portable units we’ve got a chance to lay our hands on recently, it too features the standard easy plug-and-play mechanism. We’re going to move onto the most crucial attribute – its transfer speed. Firstly, the device can be fluently connected to almost any PC or similar gadget with a USB 2.0 port. We plugged the G2 drive into an Asus G53J series notebook running on Microsoft’s Windows 7 Home Premium OS. This laptop embeds the Intel Core i7 Q740 processor clocked at 1.73GHz and includes 6GB RAM memory. Kingston notes data transfer rates of 10MB/s and 5MB/s for reading and writing, respectively. Our test records reveal that the pocket-sized offering could transfer 4.38GB data in around 4 minutes to the aforementioned laptop PC. It managed to cough up write speeds of 18MB/s, while the read rates proffered was around 2MB/s.

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The capless design is an added plus point as you do not have to worry about losing the lid.

Its lightweight and thin profile makes it easy on pockets, while effectively discarding unnecessary bulk.

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The read rate rendered by the G2 is agonizingly slow.

Dust or other undesirable stains refuse to be ignored by the white exterior.

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Our Shout

To round it off, this minuscule device effortlessly blends a safe appearance with average functionality. We appreciate its lidless push-out design and incorporated lanyard loop that augments its portability aspect. Its durable plastic build quality provides firm grip over the product. Although the unit we reviewed came in with 16GB memory support, users can purchase the pen drive in different colors based on varying capacities. The flash drives equipped with storage capacities such as 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 32GB will be seen sporting grey, yellow, cyan and dark green hues, respectively. The Kingston DataTraveler G2 16GB flash drive is surely a safe bet if you are looking out for enhanced convenience and it carries an affordable price tag of Rs. 2,250. It manages to score an 8 out of 10 rating from us.

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