Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive now available in India

Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB Drive Kingston Technology, an independent world leader known for its memory products has sent in word that its DataTraveler 100 (DT 100) USB Flash Drive is immediately available.

The Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB Flash drive has a capless design. The actual USB connector is housed inside the DataTraveler’s casing.

So in order to operate the DataTraveler 100 one just has to use the new “thumb-action” slide that is located on the side of the drive. This makes retracting and protracting the USB connector a user-friendly operation.

According to Rajesh Panicker, Country Manager, India, Kingston Technology, “The DataTraveler 100’s new thumb-action, retractable design reduces the drive’s overall size which allows for easy and unobtrusive transport in a pocket or attached to a keychain.”

Instead of using a digital device to store data, the Kingston DataTraveler 100 would be a perfect choice for you will not have to remember passwords or require any built-in software.

The Kingston DataTraveler 100 (DT 100) USB flash drive is available in storage capacities ranging from 1GB to 8GB.

“With 1, 2, 4 and 8GB capacities available, the DT 100 is the perfect solution for storing image files and documents,” Panicker added.

Plus, the Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB Flash drive is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP1 and above) and Windows 2000 (SP3 and above) as well as Mac OS (10.x and above). It is also compatible with Linux (2.4 and above)

The USB drive is also compliant with high-speed USB 2.0 specifications, making the transfer of files and documents fast and simple.

Just like all other Kingston USB drive products, the DataTraveler 100 too carries a fully guaranteed five-year warranty.

Part Number and Price of Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB Flash Drive

  • DT100/1GB FE Rs.715
  • DT100/2GB FE Rs.1215
  • DT100/4GB FE Rs.2272
  • DT100/8GB FE Rs.4525
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