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Kingston 8GB Data Traveler Secure-Privacy Edition: Review

Kingston's 8GB Data Traveler Secure-Privacy Edition

8GB USB drives are not new to the storage now. But through its 8GB Data Traveler Secure-Privacy Edition (DTSP), Kingston is offering something more than a mere large capacity USB drive.

Apart from the big storage of 8GB, Kingston has concentrated on the security of the stored data through its new DTSP USB drive. The DTSP is a drive which bundles a lot of security features.

Starting from the external look, unlike most other USB drives, the DTSP does not possess a typical stylish and elegant look. Instead, the rugged, titanium-coated stainless steel casing gives a rock-solid look to the DTSP. However, it is a little more bulky and weighted than most other 8GB USB drives.

Kingston's 8GB DTSP

Besides, like most of the USB drives, the DTSP is also easy to use with its plug-and-play feature. Just an additional feature is the password protection. The whole drive is password protected and does not even show its existence in My Computer, without the password.

After ten unsuccessful attempts of log-in, the DTSP locks itself. In case of such a lock, formatting is the only way left to unlock the drive. Thus even if somebody steals your drive, the chances of your confidential information getting leaked are very minimal.

Moreover, its waterproof feature keeps the stored data further secured even in case of rainy weather conditions. Kingston claims that the drive is waterproof up to 4 feet, to test this function we actually immersed the drive in a glass of water for sometime. We did find few drops of water in the cap but after drying when we plugged the DTSP into a USB port, no problems were found.

Kingston 8GB DTSP's Water Test

Coming to the speed of the DTSP, it takes around twenty minutes to fill the drive with bulky multimedia files. That means 8GB data is transferred in around twenty minutes, which is not at all a bad ratio. While transferring the data to the computer, this Kingston drive takes nearly seven minutes to empty the drive.

All in all, the DTSP’s performance is satisfactory plus it comes with five years guarantee. However, USB drive’s price of Rs. 12,000 is very expensive as compared to the regular 8GB USB drive, which are available in the market at price of Rs. 4000 only.

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Kingston’s 8GB Data Traveler Secure-Privacy Edition drive is well-suited for professionals who are more concerned about the security of their documents and files and do not mind spending for the same.