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Kindle E-Readers get many interesting features with latest software update

Amazon has announced that a new software update has been prepared for its Kindle E-Reader family which introduces several new features for a better reading experience. However, not all members of the lineup will be getting the latest goodies as only the latest 7th generation model, the Kindle Voyage and the most recent version of the Paperwhite have been confirmed for the update.

One of the biggest additions for the Kindle E-Readers is Word Wise. This tool is basically designed to help those learning English by making it easy for them to read challenging books. What it does is it automatically provides simple definitions for difficult words so that you don’t have to pause and look-up terms. And since some words have different contexts, a simple tap on them will bring up multiple definitions, synonyms and more.

Word Wise

It’s also an effective feature for children learning to read and it currently supports a wide catalog of books. Amazon is letting you customize this tool by either increasing or decreasing the number of definitions you see. Then there’s Family Library that lets you access your own content as well as that of a another family member.

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The X-Ray feature has also been augmented to allow readers to quickly access all of the images in the book or view the most distinguished ones in a timeline layout. With enhanced search, users will see results from their library, Goodreads and even the Kindle Store on a single page to make locating content easier. Lastly, there’s the About This Book option which provides information on what you’re currently reading and details on the author.


For more information on what’s new in the software update for the Kindle E-Readers, be sure to check out the official presser. The new firmware will be seeded over the air in the coming weeks, or can be manually downloaded right away by visiting this link.