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6 Kindle Alternatives

Amazon Kindle Alternatives

The following roster of Kindle alternatives goes on to prove that although Amazon’s latest eReader has taken the market by storm, there are certain contenders which are probably capable of outrunning the former. So glance through the list to pick out the devices seriously contemplating overtaking on the Kindle range of eReaders.

1 – Barnes & Noble Nook Color:

Barnes And Noble Nook Color

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color has long been seen as the strongest competitor of the Kindle eReader and features like a native library, access to a horde of essential Nook applications and other such attributes only go on to strengthen this notion. Boasting of a 7-inch VividView multi-touch display, it runs the 800MHz TI processor and delivers a long battery life that lasts up to 8 hours.

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The device lets you expand the 8GB onboard memory to up to 32GB as it is embedded with an expansion slot for a microSD card. Needless to say, you can access the web, check emails and download books and applications onto this color eReader. The Nook Color will set you back by merely $169.

2 – Sony Reader Wi-Fi:

Sony Reader Wi-Fi

The next contender on the alternatives to Kindle roster is the Sony Reader Wi-Fi, a stylish option that comes in shades of black, red and white. It dons a 6-inch eInk Pearl touchscreen with Clear Touch infrared technology, which is capable of rendering visuals in 600 x 800p resolutions. The extremely lightweight eReading device extends support to a number of file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ePub, PDF, TXT, MP3 and AAC amongst others.

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A single charge lets you read for about 3 to 4 weeks and allows approximately 14,000 page turns. Although its onboard storage is restricted to around 1.3GB, it gives you an option to insert a microSD card of up to 32GB capacity. The Sony Reader carries a modest price tag of $129.99.

3 – Kobo eReader Touch:

Kobo eReader Touch

Another stylish option to consider is the Kobo eReader Touch, which comes splashed in shades of lilac, blue, silver and black. The Wi-Fi-enabled compact device flaunts a 6-inch Pearl high contrast eInk multi-touch display, while the 10mm thick device weighs close to 185 grams.

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It acquires multitasking properties from the embedded Freescale 508 processor and the 2GB onboard memory is expandable to about 32GB with the assistance of a microSD card. Additionally, it offers about 7 fonts and 17 font sizes to augment the eReading experience. The Kobo offering can be purchased for roughly $110.

4 – PocketBook A7:

PocketBook A7

The PocketBook A7 is a recently announced 7-inch eReader which forms a part of our alternatives roster. Running the Android 2.3.7 mobile platform, this device has been integrated with a 1GHz TI OMAP 3621 processor along with a 3300mAh lithium-polymer battery. You can expect it to cough up the juice for close to 6.5 hours. The 14mm thick slab ships with 4GB onboard memory which can be expanded up to 32GB using a microSD card. The front-facing 2MP camera can not only be used to capture videos and images but also for video calling purposes. And need we mention that you can browse through the Google Play Store and download apps onto this eReading device?

5 – Ectaco JetBook Color eReader:

Ectaco JetBook Color eReader

The Jetbook Color from Ectaco has already been a popular eReader alternative in Europe and has recently been introduced in the markets across the world. It is basically meant for students and as opposed to most other devices on this list, offers a multi-touch real estate of 9.7 inches. Its non-backlit Triton eInk display of 1600 x 1200p resolutions apparently promises to protect the reader’s eyes. One of the many features of the Wi-Fi enabled JetBook is the text-to-speech function, which allows users to listen to the content while the slab is reading it out for them. And if that’s not enough, it provides access to textbooks along with language tutorials. The multipurpose device’s price tag reads a whopping $499.99.

6 – Apple iPad 2:

Apple iPad 2

And if you wish to do a lot more besides reading books and accessing the web on your eReader then this particular option on our list of alternatives to Kindle will definitely be of interest to you. In spite of the large number of tablets flooding the market, the iPad 2 continues to be on the wishlist of many. And why not? The slab is capable of carrying out a wide range of functions thanks to its dual-core A5 chip and iOS 5. The 9.7-inch LED multi-touch display featuring IPS technology delivers clear visuals in 1024 x 768p resolutions.

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It is also equipped with dual cameras and ensures access to the Apple App Store that stocks upon thousands of applications. You can either grab the Wi-Fi only or the 3G + Wi-Fi version of the slate in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage capacities. The 16GB Wi-Fi only variant now costs $399.

So these were some Kindle alternatives that we think are near perfect replacements for Amazon’s famous tablet. If you have any other option in mind, please feel free to let us know about it in the comment box below.