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Killing apps on your iPhone does not save battery, you can take Apple’s word for it


As betrayed as you may feel by that person who told you so, killing the running apps from your iPhone does not save you any battery life. And you better come to believe this right away, as it has been revealed by none other than Apple itself, allowing everyone to file this particular belief as a myth.

A large number of people have a habit of double-tapping the home button on their iPhone to reveal the recent apps and kill them. While some feel that this will improve the speed of their device, others believe that it will save precious battery life.

An Apple customer recently sent an email to Tim Cook, asking ‘do you quit your iOS multitasking apps frequently and is this necessary of battery life?’ The CEO himself didn’t respond to this question, but iOS chief Craig Federighi chanced upon the opportunity to bust the myth by replying with ‘no and no,’ as can be seen in the email exchange published by 9to5Mac.

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The reason for apps appearing in the multi-tasking menu not saving any battery when closed is that they are not actually running in the background. Once you’ve started another app, the previous one keeps running only for a short period of time before it is set to a suspended state, thus becoming a placeholder of sorts. If you are indeed looking for tricks to extend the battery life of your iPhone, here’s a bunch of them which we had revealed recently.

So if you’re one of those who have made it a habit to kill apps on your iPhone, it’s now time to give it up completely.


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