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This cool keyboard trick now works on all iPhones running iOS 12

iPhone X Keyboard Trackpad

Apple has a whole bag of hidden tricks when it comes to iPhones. One of them is a neat feature which lets you turn your keyboard into a trackpad. Unfortunately, only 3D Touch-supporting iPhones could do this starting with the iPhone 6S. Till now, that is.

As highlighted by Mashable, iOS 12 allows all iPhones and iPads to perform this hack, whether they support 3D Touch or not. Apple probably came up with this alternative because the brand-new iPhone XR doesn’t support 3D Touch. This way, users can get the benefits of 3D Touch without having to spend extra for it.

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How To Turn Your iPhone Keyboard Into A TrackPad

To try it out, you’ll have to update your iPhone to iOS 12 or have a 3D Touch-ready iPhone. Fire up the keyboard in any app and long press on the spacebar. The entire keyboard will instantly turn blank, with each letter disappearing and leaving only outlines behind.

This entire keyboard area can now be used as a trackpad. As long as you keep your finger pressed down, you can move the cursor anywhere you want in a block of text. It makes the process of editing typos and long paragraphs much simpler and more precise.

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You won’t have to squash your finger directly on the words and try to edit anymore. As anyone who’s used a smartphone knows, this can be a bit frustrating since the device doesn’t always pick up on what you’re trying to change immediately. The magnifying glass is also a bit limiting since it obscures the rest of the text.

If you want to select text in this mode, keep your finger pressed and use another finger to tap once. The first finger can now select words. You have more options if you have a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone. You can enter trackpad mode by pressing anywhere on the keyboard and choose words by pressing deeper on them.

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