KEF KHT2005.3 goes 3rd generation with its 5.1 speaker system

KEF Speakers KEF plans on blasting your rooms and converting it into a theater room with its latest KHT2005.3 speaker system. The system can be a prized possession into the homes and with its array of four satellite speakers, the KHT2005.3 assures a complete surround system.

The system adds in the blast with its HTC2001.3 centre channel speaker, the new KUBE-2 subwoofer and also four satellite speakers. The KEF sound machines from the 3rd generation 2000 series use a 4-inch UNI-Q driver and the metal dome tweeter and neodymium magnets which provide an exuberant sound quality similar to that of large size speakers.

The speaker can be mounted and moved easily in a multi-directional way which provides greater stability and ensures that the best sound quality is delivered. To complement the satellite speakers, the KUBE-2 speaker woofs away with its best performance. In colors of matt silver or new high gloss black, the speaker system will arrive in stores in June at a price range of £699.99 or $1,400.