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KeepVid YouTube Video Downloader Review

KeepVid Android App

Since most of us take the constant availability of the Internet for granted, we don’t bother saving videos or songs on our phones these days. We only feel the blow when we’re at the end of our data limit or out of a Wi-Fi hotspot. So it makes sense to have your favorite content at your fingertips even when you can’t stay connected to the web. We’ve been having a go at the KeepVid Android app to see what it’d be like to convert some of our videos on YouTube to mp3 and have them conveniently available whenever needed.

But don’t consider the KeepVid Android software strictly a YouTube downloader. It also enables users to download free video and audio content from sites like Facebook, Funny or Die, Vimeo, Instagram, SoundCloud, Discovery, 123Music, Tumblr and Dailymotion, and share it over Facebook, Blueooth, Skype, email, messages, Wi-Fi Direct and more. So you see, the app is much more than a plain old YouTube video downloader for Android.

KeepVid Web Browser

A lot of folks may be familiar with the developer’s free YouTube to MP4 online tool already. On this site, there’s a section on the top titled ‘Mobile’ that leads to the page hosting the Android video downloader. It’s already a very popular tool, having reached 1,000,000 users this month. The KeepVid APK software can be acquired by hitting the Download button or scanning the QR code.

Once downloaded, installing the app from ‘Unknown Sources’ has to be checked in the Security settings of the Android phone in question since it’s not available through Google Play Store. Upon launch, KeepVid asks for access to photos, media and files on the device. Denying it permission means this video extractor won’t be able to download and save video and audio content.

KeepVid Video Sharing

KeepVid is easily one of the more user-friendly video downloader options out there. It has a built-in web browser and search bar that allows one to find videos without breaking a sweat. Those who don’t know what to watch can go to the Discover section to check out what’s popular among viewers at the moment. Each video here is accompanied by Download and Share buttons.

When one enters a website (YouTube, for example) through the KeepVid’s home page, an action bar containing Reload, Share and Bookmark options is visible constantly. Clicking on a video pulls in an additional bright blue button on the bottom that offers a YouTube to MP3 or MP4 download. This means being able to convert a video to audio and save storage space wherever necessary.

KeepVid Video Converter

Additionally, this popular YouTube downloader for Android supports 2K, 4K, HD and UHD video downloads for those who are finicky about the quality of output. It essentially serves as a video converter and compression tool too since there’s the option of YouTube to mp4 or 3gp downloads. We’ve tested it and bear witness to its quick (subject to Internet speed) and smooth performance.

Users don’t need to access sites from within KeepVid in order to save their entertainment for offline viewing pleasure. Come across an interesting video while surfing any of the supported sites through the mobile web browser? Just copy the link, open KeepVid, click the + sign in the bottom left corner and ‘OK.’ It will open the page and offer the pop-up to save the content for offline viewing.

KeepVid Android Video Downloader

Another thing we really like about this Android video downloader is the option to save entire playlists in video or audio format instead of downloading one track at a time. There are a couple of kinks that need to be smoothed out of course. The developers could refine the interface to make it even more user-friendly and the app’s ad-supported model can hopefully be ditched in the future.

Also, requiring users to sign into their email or social account from within the app could make some people nervous. All that being said and done with, KeepVid definitely delivers on its promise of quick and smooth video downloads. What do you think?