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KeepVid Pro Review – The Best Video Downloader Software

KeepVid Pro

Watching online videos on various websites, and especially YouTube is one of the most loved ways to pass time right now. There are a few people though who prefer downloading these clips onto their computers to access them liberally even when there’s no internet connection. Also, a number of content creators need a quick tool to grab online videos for incorporating them into their work. KeepVid Pro caters to these audiences, and it does that beautifully.

This desktop video downloader software works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. More than anything, KeepVid Pro impresses with its versatility when it comes to offering video-related services. For instance, it not just acts as a video downloader, but it even gives you the ability to convert your downloaded videos into various formats, effectively acting as a video converter. Plus, it can even turn into a screen recorder if you want it to; and a number of other things.

But first, let’s take a look at its main feature – the ability to download online videos. Now KeepVid already has a website for doing the same, but it has a number of limitations, and certainly doesn’t offer Pro attributes like a converter and screen recorder. Once installed, the software lets you grab videos from more than 10000 websites, so it’s not just YouTube we’re talking about here. Everything from Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Hulu, LiveLeak, AOL and MTV, to even BBC and Yahoo are supported.

KeepVid Pro Download

Although its a desktop tool, KeepVid allows you to place a quick action button inside your browser for whenever you want to instantly download a particular video you’re watching. A prompt for this will appear just after the first install, so make sure to click on it.

But if you don’t want such a provision, you can always go the classic way – copying the URL and pasting it in the program to start the download. And the interface doesn’t make you search for that Paste button as well, since it’s right there on the opening screen.

Next, you can select the resolution you want your output video to have. KeepVid Pro allows you to grab the original resolution as well. This means that even if the original video is in 4K, you can select this option and enjoy the clip in its highest resolution. A nifty feature is the ability to download MP3 versions of the videos. This will be very useful for those who want to listen to their favourite music videos offline.

KeepVid Pro Screen Record

Some videos are of no use without subtitles if they are in a language you’re not familiar with. There’s a provision for solving this problem as well. Right after you select the preferred resolution, you can also choose if you want your downloaded video to have the subtitles that appear on it online. A dropdown menu lets you select the exact language, if the video in question has multiple subtitles. Once all this is selected, just hit download and you’re done.

The makers of KeepVid Pro have incorporated into it a Turbo Mode which is signified by a Lightening symbol on the opening page. Activating it allows the software to take advantage of multi-thread technology in order to offer three times faster downloads of your videos. This is especially useful when you’re grabbing high-resolution videos which are huge in size.

This video downloader also has a screen recorder up its sleeve, as we said before. It’s the easiest way to showcase what’s happening on your screen to others. Once you enter the Record section, the simple instructions will guide you towards a small window which lets you select the exact area you wish to capture. Pressing the Rec button next will start the job for you.

KeepVid Pro Converter

The other great feature of this software is its video converter. With its help, you can have any clip you want converted into any format you want. This means, no matter what device you want to play the clip on, you can always select the right file type to suit it.

As if all that wasn’t enough, KeepVid Pro has also been equipped with a browser of own. Here you can sign into and access popular video streaming websites. Since they are within the utility itself, a clearcut download button will appear beside any video that is played within this browser. However, this browser has only been optimised for select video streaming websites and is not meant for other purposes.

KeepVid Pro Browser

Surely, KeepVid Pro is a one-stop shop for all your video downloading needs, and yet, it offers so much more than that. Apart from all the features we’ve mentioned above, this utility is even capable of letting you download entire YouTube and Lynda playlists, so that you can sit back and enjoy as hundreds of clips get downloaded onto your computer at once.

KeepVid Pro video downloader is offered in the form of a free trial, but you will indeed have to purchase it in order to explore its full potential. On Windows, it costs $19.95 for a year’s license and $29.95 for a lifetime one. It’s a bit expensive for Mac users, as it runs $29.95 for a year’s license and $39.95 for a lifetime’s. Feel free to download its trial versions for Windows and Mac, before making your decision.