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Keeping Your Network Safe in 2019

internet-security-vpn As technology continues to evolve, direct employee monitoring is starting to become obsolete. While this system does work, it’s better to have reliable software to monitor your corporate network.

Through monitoring software such as Network Olympus, it’s easier to monitor the performance up-time of the computers and network appliances.

We understand that high-quality performance is important for keeping a long-term business. And with a good system, you can get notifications if the performance levels fall below a certain threshold. Thus, remote networks are great to ensure that your business is operating properly while stopping insider threats from harming your organization.

Server Monitoring

Your IT team can use Network Olympus to view the full range of the network’s features. For instance, they monitor traffic flow and performance. Network Olympus continuously records and analyzes everything in real time.

Actions and Notifications

Network Olympus executes a multitude of predefined actions during unexpected events. This means that the software is able to notify you when a problem arises quickly. Also, the system performs first aid to prevent any consequences from affecting your network.

Based on your software settings, it starts using a script, launch the pre-determined application, or log in the event data. Its entire purpose is to monitor events once it occurs and study it once the event is in the past.

Additionally, if you’ve made an emergency action, Network Olympus will act based on reaction results and sensor operation.


You need a flexible monitoring scheme when looking at your organization’s network. Network Olympus has a Scenario Builder, which allows you to manage specific sensors, along with all of the actions and notifications that are connected to these sensors.

Having customizable components is important for managing your monitoring process. Just start with choosing whatever components is needed to create a solution that’s best for your business. Also, you can opt out of the component whenever you need to.

Mobile Team Management

Having remote access to your team reduces the need to check the site constantly. If you have to work at a local coffee shop or home, remote access does this for your staff living in remote countries, cities, branches, or offices to assess network performance – even if you’ve installed the software in at the headquarters of your business.

This means that if the device doesn’t work remotely, your network specialists can assist you with the problem without having too much viewing on your part. They can view the updated metrics and network maps themselves.

Constant Access

Through applications like Network Olympus, your users will have more access due to their remote capabilities. As long as you’re connected to a network due to a point-to-point or a VPN, you can utilize and manage connected devices on your network.

By giving your IT team more remote capabilities, you’ll find it easier to handle tasks that the modern world demands. This will give you peace of mind because you’ll be able to see your network regardless of your location.


It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a team of 10 or 50 employees, tools such as Network Olympus will make your job easier. Through network management software, you’ll notice increased worker productivity, enhanced employee communication, and better remote network management.

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