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6 KeePass Alternatives

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Our KeePass alternatives list is packed with reliable options that allow you to access different websites and accounts without having to remember too many complicated characters. Whether it’s an email account, website member logins or maybe even FTP passwords, all the secret codes that open your accounts across each one of these services have been really secure. Most often, we try to throw in loads of different character combinations which make it hard to by heart the whole lot.

Well, that’s where our comprehensive lineup comes into play. Each of the options here is fashioned to help manage all your secure character sets. With any of these gems residing in your PC, you’ll be able to sign in to your accounts without having to rack your brains.

1 – LastPass:

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LastPass extends its helpful reach across a plethora of different platforms such as the internet with Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox add-ons as well as the portable scene with dedicated iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian applications. It even works across Windows, Linux and Mac OS X PCs. With this treat in place, you can log into your favorite website with just one single mouse click.

And besides, it just being an easy solution, it even helps safeguard against online fraud, phishing scams and malware. You can also create multiple profiles for filling out personal data safely, accurately and quickly. You’ll be able to even store confidential text information in your personal vault. While there’s a free version up for grabs, LastPass also comes with a Premium tag that will cost you just $12 per year.

2 – Password Sentinel:

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Want a personal assistant that can seamlessly manage your secure secret words? Well, why not try your hand at this entrant in our programs like KeePass roster on for size? You can also safely store personal data like comments, files, URLs and custom fields to name a few, in a highly encrypted local database. Blessed with a user-friendly interface, you can form special dedicated groups within your vault and store as many entries as you wish. You’ll further be able to espy security-enhanced password edit controls which also aid in providing a secure online sign-in experience. Password Sentinel is even portable in nature so that you can run the application from any Windows-infused PC via a USB drive or SD card. And the icing on the cake here is it $0 price tag.

3 – S10 Password Vault:

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As the brains behind S10 Password Vault state, you’ll be bombarded with dedicated autotype commands that prove to come in handy for punching in the password, username or conduct auto logins. Apart from that, the user-friendly application also forays onto the scene with a host of other features like folder/account hierarchy, military-grade encryption, strong password generation, title/account matching, and account icons. All you have to do to get started here is first create a master secure word which will help you gain access to your private vault. There are 2 versions of S10 Password Vault you can avail of namely, the USB-driven and Android editions. What’s more, this one too is free to procure.

4 – RoboForm:

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Whether it’s your Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook, eBay or Amazon account, you can sign into all these services with just one click of a button. RoboForm is compatible with various sorts of portable devices and computers so you can gain access to your secret characters while on the go or even away from your PC. No longer will you have to tediously punch in an address, email, name or any other sorts of fields.

As far as the pricing schemes go, you can use this inclusion in our software like KeePass array absolutely free of cost for up to 10 logins over multiple PCs and mobile gadgets. It’s just under $30 for the first single desktop license and $9.95 for the first year if you want to avail of multiple computers and mobile devices syncing.

5 – Sticky Password:

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Sticky Password jumps onto the virtual stage with the tagline, ‘securing your personal data.’ And that’s precisely what it aims to do. By utilizing the services of this gem, you’ll be able to protect yourself against phishing, identity theft, and keyloggers. Here you can store your secret character sets, bookmarks, and even personal notes without breaking a sweat. And besides just being helpful in the password department, Sticky Password lets you automatically fill online forms. You can either pick up the free version or opt for the Pro edition which is priced at just under $30 for 1 license. Latter users can also avail of a free iOS app.

6 – 1Password:

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The next contender in our programs like KeePass roundup helps you create unique secret codes and even recalls the same when the need arises. 1Password seems to be like an ideal companion for online shoppers as they can seamlessly save credit card information so that checkout forms can be filled accurately and with ease. And besides accessing 1Password from your Windows and Mac PCs, you can even tap into your precious passwords while on the go through the respective iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.

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Coming to the pricing options, the computer versions can be acquired by shelling out just under $25 each while the iPad and iPhone editions can be yours for $8.99.


KeePass is noted to be a free open-source password manager that allows you to cramp all your precious codes to various accounts in one common database that has just a single master secret word. So all you have to remember is only that one secure piece of mixed characters. This eliminates the need to have different passwords scribbled across bits of paper and placed in various nooks and corners you may think are safe from prying eyes.

Similarly, all of the aforesaid options in our KeePass alternatives compilation proffer familiar features that are created to keep your online accounts secure and your brain free from the burden remembering heavy-character sets. So give each one of them a try and tell us what you think.