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5 Best Karaoke Apps for Android

Best karaoke apps for Android

This list of the 5 best karaoke apps for Android should enable handset and tablet owners to sing along to their favorite songs, all from the comfort of their portable devices. No need to step into karaoke bars or dress up for parties in order to croon those tunes. Put your vocal cords to the test by downloading any one of the treats mentioned below. And what’s more interesting is that you can enjoy chanting along to your desired melodies even while on the go.

1 – Android Karaoke:

Android Karaoke – Sing Along

Whether it’s waiting at the bus stop or traveling around town by train, you can sing along to Android Karaoke offerings that spell out over 800 popular karaoke videos for its users. Furthermore, developer MaxDroid apparently adds new songs to its line-up on a daily basis to keep the choice of songs as fresh as possible. You can also send song suggestions directly from the software itself. With the app’s latest update, a new search feature has been included to easily find the desired artist and song. Another element that is brought forth by this upgrade is the in-app song request feature. In keeping with all the hype surrounding the festive season next month, the application is infused with loads of new tracks that cover Christmas songs as well.

2 – Karaoke-A-GoGo:


The next offering in our karaoke apps for Android line-up is Karaoke-A-GoGo by Twanky Deuce Software. This entrant describes itself as a professional karaoke player fashioned exclusively for your Android tablet or mobile phone. It claims to play high-quality MP3+G (mp3 and cdg karaoke) files plucked right out from your microSD card as it does not offer any songs of its own. Other attributes associated with this app include playlist building, saving and loading as well as a quick play mode. As the company suggests, this singing sensation is specially formulated for tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom among others. If downloaded on older gadgets like the HTC Hero or G1, owners wishing to experience an enhanced performance can opt for the frame rate selector.

3 – Red Karaoke:

Red Karaoke

Touted to be the largest online karaoke offering, Red Karaoke enables handset owners to sing and record their dulcet voices through its latest application. The software boasts of unleashing more than 45,000 songs. You can transform your portable device into your very own karaoke machine while on the go. The wide tracklist includes a plethora of song genres that range from the latest chart toppers to all-time classics as well as other categories such as R&B, country, jazz, 80s hits, rock and Christmas songs. Since there are no specific country restrictions, tracks from all across the world can be experienced directly on your handset. The app supports music in nearly all languages that include Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and English. Through the handset camera, you can record yourself belting out those tunes and then share it online via Facebook, Twitter, or Red Karaoke for friends and family to watch the next big star being born. A group or choir can also croon their tunes together. An ample addition comes in the form of the pitch change tool which allows you to either raise or lower the key according to your voice.

4 – Professional X Karaoke:

Professional X Karaoke

Next on our list of karaoke apps for Android is Professional X Karaoke which is noted to be a high-end professional karaoke app complete with a smart GUI. It provides a high-quality boom and the high-end electronic karaoke box that resounds with tons of midi songs in 15 languages such as Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thailand, Portugal, Japanese and the Philippine, besides English. Enhanced effects like vocal, reverb and chorus are accompanied by beautiful pictures playing in the background and clear lyrics rolled out upfront.

Besides the fact that your recordings sound good through the handset, the company reveals that they are excellent when played via loudspeaker or amplifier. Apart from adjusting the karaoke lyric size to your desire, you can even scroll through the image background with just a simple touch. With the Professional X Karaoke app right at your fingertips, you can practice your talent anywhere, anytime.

5 – My Karaoke List:

My Karaoke List

My Karaoke List from JayG is a little different from the above options in our recommended karaoke apps for Android roster. This application doesn’t really play music or tunes, but it offers audiophiles the ability to create an easy-to-read catalog which in turn enables them to make setlists, ban certain songs, mark favorites and even rate their performances. Fashioned exclusively to suit the tastes, or should we say ears, of karaoke enthusiasts, it provides owners with quick internet access for acquiring lyrics to any song spread across their list. For singing references, you can access YouTube videos with just one simple click. This app also comes in handy for jotting down a catchy tune you may have heard at a karaoke bar or friends’ place. There’s no need to run around singing the tune while looking out for pen and paper then.

Our compilation of the best karaoke apps for Android is your portal to portable crooning. Without have to bother about language barriers, you can opt for your desired tongue and sing aloud to your heart’s content. The only caution spelled out here is that you might incur stares from bystanders while you chant into your Android handset or portable device.