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Not just Android, Google’s Chromoting tool could also be aimed at iOS

Google’s been busy developing its Chromoting remote desktop management software for Android since last year, and new details have surfaced regarding the matter, pointing out that an iOS version of the same could also be in the works. If true, you’ll be able to employ it for controlling your computers using your iPhones or iPads.

If you’re aware of products like TeamViewer and LogMeIn, you’ll know what to expect from Google Chromoting. It’s actually an extension of the services being offered right now by the Chrome Remote Desktop app that’s available on the browser’s Web Store. While it allows you to access your computer securely through another computer, support for mobile devices is still in the works.

Google Chromoting

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It appears now that Android compatibility will be brought in first, following which Google Chromoting will open up for iOS devices. This information was pointed out to us by TechCrunch which managed to spot it in a brief post on the Chromium.org site. Google has nothing official to reveal at the moment however.

We’ll have more on the Chromoting tool and its Android and iOS versions when additional details about them are out. In the meanwhile interested folks can check out the Chrome Remote Desktop app on the Web Store to get a taste of the service.

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