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JetBlue, RIM and Yahoo Trial Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

JetBlue Airways, Yahoo and RIM logos Last week, JetBlue Airways, America’s leading low-cost airline owned by JetBlue Airways Corporation, introduced its free system on an Airbus A320 jet that is set with a wireless network through which passengers will be able to use e-mail and instant messaging on in-flight versions of Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger. In addition, passengers using Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry handsets will also be able to access their e-mails.

For this initiative, JetBlue has joined hands with RIM, Yahoo and its in-flight television subsidiary LiveTV, which also offers in-flight television, and is in the works of launching its instant messaging and e-mail system by 2008 most probably.

All the same, direct internet access to other applications is not allowed. The latest fad – Apple’s iPhones are also not compatible with the service.

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However, reportedly there are a few flaws with the connectivity on JetBlue.

Though initially JetBlue will be offering a limited Wi-Fi access only to a small amount of transcontinental flights, it is expected to expand or discontinue the service on the basis of consumer feedbacks received.

In fact big names such as American Airline and Virgin America are also planning to come up with a web service in a much bigger way by 2008, in association with AirCell.

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