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Jet White iPhone 7 shown off in video

jet white iphone 7 mockup

Talk about a Jet White iPhone 7 erupted about a month ago when noted Japanese blog Mac Otakara reported that Apple was going to add the color to its existing lineup at some point before the next series came out. Now noted Apple leakster Sonny Dickson has posted a video to Twitter which shows off the option.

There’s a high probability that the Jet White iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus featured in the video are simply mockup cases obtained from Chinese sites like Alibaba. The former noticeably doesn’t feature an Apple logo on its back, something which the company isn’t likely to do.

AppleInsider points out that the finish on the glossy white iPhone 7 appears to have an eggshell texture which indicates that the shade was painted on or applied after manufacturing. However, the Jet Black iPhone 7 gets its shine from a high-gloss finish that comes about as a result of various steps such as anodization, rotational 3D polishing, and an iron particle bath.

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Dickson himself labeled the video with a question asking ‘Could this be the Jet White iPhone 7?’ Moreover, third-party firm ColorWare tweeted out a picture (see above) of its own take on a white iPhone 7 in reply to his post. Even if the video is fake, it does offer a first glimpse at what the new color may look like.

Apple rarely outs fresh options after launching an iPhone though. It usually opts to introduce new shades at the launch event itself. Doing so might also be seen as unfair to customers who would have liked to opt for gleaming white rather than black.