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JBL Control NOW and Control NOW AW Loudspeakers launched

JBL Control NOW

JBL has launched the new Control NOW indoor and Control NOW AW outdoor loudspeakers for home, multiroom, architectural and additional applications. Both the latest devices feature quarter-round shape that offers unprecedented installation possibilities. The built-in innovative technologies deliver clear and evenly distributed sound.

The curved shape enables loudspeakers to be placed anywhere, which means that the speakers can be corner-mounted between a ceiling and wall or even between two walls, or placed either horizontally or vertically on a shelf.

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Besides, the JBL Control NOW speakers can be joined to create half-round, three-quarter-round, or round configurations, and hung from a ceiling using an optional pole-mount bracket and standard ceiling-fan hardware.

JBL claims that Control NOW and Control NOW AW loudspeakers offer outstanding sound quality even in less-than-optimal acoustic situations. Moreover, they feature a tweeter mounted in a JBL Bi-Radial horn that is optimized to provide smooth frequency response in any mounting configuration.

Further tweeter is complement by dual 4-inch woofers, which are computer-designed to deliver high output with minimal distortion.

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The JBL Control NOW loudspeakers are now available at $249 while the JBL Control NOW AW will be available in late June 2008 at $279.

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