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Jay Adelson says goodbye to Digg and position as CEO

Digg Logo In a move that has almost everyone concerned wondering if they’ve missed something, CEO of Digg, Jay Adelson, has announced that he’ll be stepping down as CEO of the company. The official Digg blog has a post by Adelson which further states that Kevin Rose will take on the role of acting CEO and Chairman of Digg in the unmentioned interim.

It’s been five years since Adelson first stepped into Digg. The company’s been progressing steadily with around forty million users, prosperous Digg Ads and the new Digg getting ready for release. It’s not surprising that this tidbit has a lot of people bemused and Adelson’s explanation about the entrepreneurship beckoning him may seem rather weak to most.

It’s true that the economy is back on its feet and ready for new companies, as Adelson pointed out. But tongues have been wagging about problems within the company. Speculations have also been voiced about trouble brewing between Adelson and Rose, though the latter’s thank you note to the other on the Digg blog update seems to indicate otherwise.

On the other hand, it’s possible that Adelson is indeed planning to incubate some new and monstrously lucrative business ideas in the coming year. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.