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Jawbone has launched its activity trackers in India, prices start at Rs 4999

Jawbone has just announced the launch of its UP range of activity trackers in India, which will be sold in the country exclusively through Amazon. These fresh accessories have their prices ranging from Rs 4999 to Rs 14999, and the latter cost applies to the top-end model that offers a heart rate sensor.

Like all regular fitness bands, Jawbone’s offerings too will track the sleep, activities and nutrition of their users. The products from the range that have entered India include the UP Move, the UP2 and the UP3 which has a heart rate sensor onboard, and is hence considerably expensive.

There is an UP4 device available in the US as well, equipped with online payment support, but that model has skipped being launched in India. As for the variants that have indeed made their way into the country, they all work with Android and iOS devices and of course have separate apps available on both platforms.

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Jawbone UP Move

These apps by Jawbone are powered by Smart Coach which takes the gathered data and returns personalized guidance as well as insights and challenges aimed at improving your sleep, activities and diet. There’s even a duels mode in these apps which allows you to compete against your friends.

Jawbone UP2

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The UP Move is the cheapest option among the lot, as it just provides basic sleep, activity and nutrition tracking, while also showing time. The Jawbone UP2 adds smart alarm, idle alert and automatic sleep detection features, while the UP3 of course kicks in a heart rate monitor.

Jawbone UP3

These Jawbone UP devices can be pre-ordered now via Amazon. The UP Move has its price set at Rs 4999, while the UP2 is going for Rs 9999. The UP3 on the other hand can be grabbed in exchange of Rs 14999.

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