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Jawbone Bluetooth Headset with Noise Shield Technology launched by Cingular Wireless and Aliph

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Aliph together with Cingular Wireless have unveiled a new wireless headset for Bluetooth mobile phones. Aptly named Jawbone, the new wireless headset from Cingular Wireless and Aliph happens to be the first adaptive Bluetooth headset which incorporates Noise Shield technology in its award-winning design.

What makes the Jawbone headset special is its noise cancellation feature called Noise Shield, a technology that has been derived from military research. Jawbone headsets noise cancellation feature allows for the complete obliteration of background noise, and even allows the user to hear the other party better.

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The Noise Shield effect has been achieved with the help of multiple small, built-in microphones, which even includes one that rests on the user’s cheek that detects the vibration of the user’s voice through the bones in the face. The Jawbone headset from Cingular Wireless and Aliph uses this technique to help identify and cancel all other sound that is not the voice of the user.

The Jawbone bluetooth headset is further enhanced by an award-winning design that has been created by internationally acclaimed product designer Yves Bohar. The Jawbone wireless headset has a perforated shield that curves to match the outline of the user’s face. The underside of the Jawbone headset is soft and smooth, providing a comfortable feel on the skin’s surface. The design of the Jawbone bluetooth headset definitely maximizes comfort and simplicity.

Weighing just 14 grams, the Jawbone headset from Cingular Wireless and Aliph feels light on the user’s head, and can be worn on either ear. Ear loops for the Jawbone headset comes in four different sizes and shapes. This ensures a customized fit and feel, and also helps to maximize the stability while resting in the user’s ear.

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The Cingular Wireless and Aliph wireless headset, Jawbone is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled handsets. The Jawbone headsets are available at all Cingular Wireless retail stores for a price of $119.99.

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