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Japanese University develops DVD of 42 GB Capacity

Method of 42 GB DVD

Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Tohaku University, Japan has claimed to develop 42 GB DVD. According to CrunchGear, this high capacity DVD was developed by using V-shaped as opposed to flat pits on the DVD’s recording surface. This surface offers more space for data-storing.

Researchers further commented that this method also can be used with normal CDs. However researchers said that the method is not useful for Blu-ray drive, which hold 25 GB capacity in the single layer disc.

However the disadvantage of the method is that, these 42 GB DVDs can not be used with normal DVD players. Normal DVD players can not even read the content stored in the 42 GB DVD.

The concept does not seem very practical because of the disadvantage it has. In addition now users have an option of dual layer Blu-ray discs, which offer 50 GB capacity.