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Jabra EasyGo Review: Simplicity and ease-of-use in a slim profile

Jabra EasyGo Headset

Whether one’s a tech-enthusiast or not, a mere glance at college campus or public transport, we’d not be surprised to see numerous ‘ears plugged’ onto those peppy tunes or long chats. There is also a segment of users who do not conform to the clutter of wires and have jumped onto the Bluetooth headset arena. As the earpiece sits atop your ear, it gives you the liberty to free your hands from the clutches of a handset. One such hands-free device that allows users to enjoy those extended chat sessions without reaching their phones comes from Jabra’s closet. The Jabra EasyGo has been picked out of the company’s affordable and simple compartment to be used right away without much ado. Those looking for an easy-to-use headset that won’t create a hole in your pocket can dig deep into this review to know more.

Stating it as an easy to wear and use peripheral, the company has upfront named it EasyGo. The neat Jabra box offers full view of the peripheral while it’s spacious enough to accommodate two earhooks, charger, warranty certificate, quick start manual and two eargels. The earpiece is extremely light at 8 grams and wouldn’t weigh down your ears with its mere dimensions of 53.7mm x 15.8mm x 9 mm. Sporting a typical design, its slim profile further tapers downwards giving it a rounded lower edge. The glossy front surface has its top portion serve as a call answer/end button. The matte plasticky edges show off the silver rim lining just below the glossy surface. The mini USB connector sits on the upper edge while volume controls are maintained on the left side.

The earhook can be easily detached and replaced with the additional one included in the box, according to one’s comfort preference. The earplugs are crafted of rubber which seemed fairly comfortable even on prolonged usage. The backside of the device has some information scribbling from Jabra along with two LED indicators for Bluetooth and battery life. We were glad to see huge icons camouflaging the LEDs. Just behind the rubber eartip covering the speakers is the main power slider switch while the microphone is given some space on the lower edge. The overall built quality is decent and we even tried twisting around the earhook which looks plasticky fragile but turned out to be quite sturdy and robust. The detachable earhook also enabled us to use the peripheral with both ears.

Jabra EasyGo

It just took us a few minutes to connect the Jabra EasyGo to our mobile phone. All one needs to do is turn on the device using the slider. The battery icon will instantly illuminate, green if it has more than half an hour of power and red if the level decreases below half an hour. On continuously pressing the answer call/end button, the Bluetooth indicator starts blinking and the device is ready to be paired with your phone. You just need to enter the pin provided in the information booklet. Those juggling between two phones like some of us can use the device conveniently as it offers compatibility with two devices simultaneously. Moreover, we opted for auto connection and each time the device was switched on, it would automatically connect to our phones. The headset features voice alerts informing you about connectivity and battery status.

The incorporated DSP technology enables loud and clear conversations. The clarity was quite good indoors. While outdoors it automatically adjusts the volume as you move from a quiet area to a boisterous one and offered a decent on-to-move experience. It suffices about six hours of usage which is not bad. We tried listening to music and some casual gaming with sound turned on. The results were pretty decent with gaming but music bugs could be a tad disappointed. Wearing the Jabra EasyGo earpiece for hours didn’t leave our ears stressed, the lightweight and smooth design ensured enough comfort for hours. However, you may miss on a trendier design or some smart features that headsets imbibe these days, for example the call hold ability.



Simplicity is the word that can be easily tagged along with the peripheral, be it looks or usage.

The additional earhook and eargels add to the convenience and comfort.

Voice alerts for battery and connectivity indication are aptly incorporated.


Although the headset can handle voice pretty well, it’s not the same while gaming or listening to music.

Our Shout


The Jabra EasyGo definitely stands by its name as the peripheral is quite simple to use. It jumps out of Jabra’s affordable section of the closet so you may have to miss some smart features and a stylish design. However, those looking for an affordable and simple device capable of exhibiting a decent look alongside basic features and comfort could definitely hook on to this peripheral at Rs. 2,119. For its shear simplicity and ease of use, the EasyGo gets a rating of 8 on 10.